Yamaha XVS1300 Yamaha Stryker is a Helicopter

Take a look at this radical cruise and classic integrator said Yamaha XVS 1300 you’ll see it is something very special.

Yamaha XVS 1300, 2014 by dm_527a117452fb8

With a front severely raked and large V-twin engine, the custom XVS1300 comes with style authentic chopper that puts in a class and look at how you look at it, this bike has some serious attitude.

Equipped with a seat very low and pull back on the handle, long and low chassis is built for easy handlingby the city and great stability at high speed-, while the high-tech 1, 304cc motor cooled by liquid V-twin packs a powerful punch which is built for you move liken else and with their light weight rims and tires of low profile, the Custom XVS1300 is ready to roll.

Personally, I think that whole scene bike custom more disconcerting. What can I do exercise, a helicopter is a bike with a front slanted to the outside, a cork is stripped and agile, a Packer has saddlebags and a screen and a Cruiser performance is long, low and fast. So using this as my base; I have determined that the new Yamaha XVS1300 Yamaha Stryker is like a helicopter.

To be fair, calling the XVS new it is a bit exaggerated, since it was actually released in United States in 2013while Yamaha does not initially planned to implement it in other countries, the XVS became so popular in the states that decided to give him a chance elsewhere.Yamaha xvs1300 specification detail

We ere presenting here some spec images and pictures of Yamaha XVS1300 Yamaha Stryker 2014 let check it.

I hope you enjoyed to watch and know  about new ifomrations Yamaha XVS 1300.

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