Mash Five Hundred 400 2015 Test

For some time a motorcycle not raise much excitement as the protagonist of this test, and if we discard bikes ‘pata negra’. The French brand Mash leads in Spain just one year with models 125 and 250 cc, now makes the leap to the average displacement with the Five Hundred, a cheap bike, classic and attractive Court Playing cluelessness in many sections, beginning with his name, 500, though his heart actually has 400 cc.Mash Five Hundred 400 2015 Test

The Mash image is purely classical and if it was not for the front brake disc or extremely modern key contact, could pass for a real motorcycle chrome 70s Fenders, kickstart (plus electric start), galoshes on the sides of the tank, chrome exhaust tips with narrow exit, spoked wheels and rear drum brake … in this Mash scent ‘seventies’ breathe. His little sisters 125 and 250 75 test Mash Mash test 125 and 250 Two Fifty have 17-inch wheels and an inverted fork that betrays, but the Five Hundred with rim 18 back and 19 on the front wheel is a real ‘anti-Triumph’.

Mash Five Hundred 400 2015 Test

Priced at € 4395 (now launch promotion to € 3,995) costs less than half the cheapest Bonneville. No es lo mismo course, has the tradition of the British brand or quality of finishes and such a delightful twin, but his image attracts looks and plays the dismissal with the profane (and not so profane). But it is very important to consider when judging this bike point. So we set ‘mode 4,000 euros’ and analyze the Five Hundred.
Mash Five Hundred 400 2015 Test
Minimum equipment as befits classic or retro, the 500 features an instrument cluster consisting of two clocks with white background (speedometer and tachometer), within which are the partial analog warning lights, odometer and. Classic Detail: to reset the part must be spinning a knob, such as lifetime. Improvable Details: The spellings could be larger and with a more classic design, the speedometer brand in kilometers or miles and costs look good speed you carry, especially between 100 and 130. The footrests are foldable pilot but have return spring. And one important detail is that daylight no reserve warning is when turned on, so it is advisable to check the mileage and do not trust the little light orange.
Mash Five Hundred 400 2015 Test
It has rear carrier rack and kickstand with cutoffs. The ‘short’ is fine for safety but, as in the 125 and 250, acts even in neutral, which creates two problems: we can not start the engine to warms while we dress before leaving and as the starter does work with paw on, if you get careless and you lees to give you drain the battery.

The driving position is very comfortable and natural. The flat seat is just 780 mm above the ground and as the bike is narrow, you come down very well. The pegs are placed early and low, while the handlebars have just wide and is where your hands go looking if you keep your back straight. Yes, the handles are not regulated in depth. The 13 liter tank has the discount side and knees seem to mate naturally to him.
Mash Five Hundred 400 2015 Test
The companion has enough space, has the typical strap on the seat to no one subject, footrests low and rubberized (folding but without return spring) and a rear handle which is part of the luggage rack. Ease driver, but also for the passenger will not have to juggle to get on and will not be easy to burn with leaks because they are below their feet.
Engine and chassis

With the drive returns to play the dismissal, it is not uncommon think that is a twin to see his two escapes, but make no mistake, it is a ‘mono’ 397 cc air-cooled four-valve overhead cam head and Siemens modern electronic fuel injection system. Yes, a carburetor would be more classic, but today is very complicated by restrictive anti-pollution regulations. In addition you take the trouble, the injection is always the same, always good.
Air cooled single cylinder engine, electric starter and kick start  Air cooled single cylinder engine, electric start and a kick.

Mash Five Hundred 400 2015 Test
This engine develops a maximum power of 27 hp at 7,000 rpm and torque of 30 Nm at 5,500 laps. As you can see it will not hurry even remotely, it’s not your roll, his is a softness that we did not expect for a monkey of this size, comfortable tour midrange and low-end Cocca no. The change is five-speed manual, the clutch cable is not hard and the secondary transmission is by chain.

The chassis is very simple, as befits his style. But in this case no confusions, it is really simple. The chassis is a simple steel cradle unfolded on the propellant, and a sub-frame in a tilting also manufactured steel pipe are anchored. The front fork is conventional with bars of 35 mm in diameter (unregulated) and back carries two shock absorbers with adjustable preload. Hydraulic front disc brake (280 mm) with two bowlers caliper and rear drum rod ‘clasiquear’ a little more.

Mash Five Hundred 400 2015 Test
The spoked wheels finish dressing the Five Hundred, the front is 19 inches with tire 100 and rear 130 18 carries.
Dynamic test Mash Five Hundred

Comes to dispel doubts and see whether or not this cheap bike deserves it, if save quite a lot of euros is only sacrificing quality finishes or is a ‘boat’ and compensates more to buy a second hand bike.

We start the drive with the starter, because the leg is very authentic but have not been able to boot it (call me stupid but I could not get sufficient rate of rotation for copper engine life and that I have used all the tricks and postures I know). The sound coming out of the exhaust has its point and you find an engine idling vibrating slightly. Clutch, first and running.

The Cocca little low-end engine rotates fairly smooth and has a nice midrange. The rev counter can reach close to 9,000 laps, but does not compensate for high and lazy then yes you are already severe vibration. The change is pretty accurate and it only remains to improve the transition from fifth to fourth, which must be done with certain decision to not run out engaging the chosen speed.

Mash Five Hundred 400 2015 Test
In town moves very well, the engine does not require any special concentration because we can let down lap with no problem and if we had a gas, not scary. Also is narrow, lightweight (151 kilos), the seat is low and posture is total control. Gira long and winding between cars well despite its large wheels.

We left road, the Five Hundred allows us away from the city without undue haste but with enough speed to enjoy. Keeps perfectly the 130 km / h and is capable of reaching 140 in plain, but a long fifth penalizes performance. Besides the fourth-fifth jump is very large and, to engage top gear motor falls 1,500 laps. This is good for consumption and reduce road vibrations, but at 120 km / h uphill sometimes it can with the fifth and fourth falls squarely in the upper area of the counter, where I mentioned that is lazy. In fact if we face a decline in fifth do not think you can greatly improve your top speed, which is not very relevant for this type of bike, but demonstrating their over development and lack of drive at high spins.

Mash Five Hundred 400 2015 Test
This Mash is stable rolling faster and watches deflect the wind should give chest, which I appreciate. Your tires Kenda brand is another point where savings can be seen for a very affordable price. Wet grip is quite poor, but dry meet what they will require. We have come to rub against the footrests which, although low, we talked about a considerable inclination. Indeed, the spirit of the bike is not this and not worth ‘cum up’ and force the inclinations more because at that point begins to float the address and leaks are ‘a finger’ to skim over the ground. But this makes it clear that we felt comfortable on the Mash, the Kenda are sufficient and that their simple and dry suspensions (especially the rear) also comply with what is asked.

¿Frena well? Well he does wrong, only if we ask more than what is expected of it are limitations. But in normal use the front brake stops the bike with no problem, but better help with the rear so that the fork is not much sinking. By the way, the rear drum logically tends to block, but is dosed pretty well. With an adjustable handle and a touch firmer front brake we could not fault the brake system.

The unit we tested had only 130 kms on his marker and after triple mileage have appreciated this improved performance propellant. Surely reduce consumption over the miles, to us has left us to 4.9 liters on average and have not been precisely slowly.

We have tested and do not lie if I say that we wanted. The conclusion is that the Five Hundred is a very ‘affordable’ if you are looking for low-priced cosmetic bike, you think a restful (the characteristic of this style motorcycle) driving and do not mind sacrificing quality finishes and features.

Tester Review

I like the Five Hundred is a bike that does not deceive, it is cheap and if you look at the details find more than one that you improve, but we talked about a bike that costs as some scooters 125. It is beautiful, striking, has cool exhaust sound and sufficient performance to go ‘dominguear’ by the mountain leisurely.
It is also highly customizable, if you like entangle you can prepare a very personal bike gastándote ‘two hard’. Right now I would put a lower handlebar, good tires, work a little in the front fork, would take the rack … and not tell you more, the rest I leave to you to do your own.

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