KTM RC 125 The as Superbike permits A1 Test

Sporty little of the KTM family, the RC 125 will expand in September 2014 a segment with only few references. With his pace shifted his unpublished refinements and interesting performance, KTM RC 125 is enough to make life difficult for Aprilia RS4 125 and Yamaha YZF R.

KTM 125 2014

KTM 125 2015

KTM officials had to take a taste for Indian food as they intensify their partnership with Bajaj. After Duke 125 launched in 2011 and the Duke 200 and 390, it is the turn of a range of small sports Indo-Austrian view of the day.

It starts with the RC 125, we grip this week, before testing the long awaited RC 390 in September. KTM and warned us, it is not finished! But the small sport RC 125 has what to do about her, if only by its looks quite staggered.

In fact, it is mainly the front who dares, with its two flagship lenticular overlooking sidelights LED integrated into a prominent duckbill. Genes trail, the RC? Possible, but in any case, KTM fully assumes the stroke of a pen office Kiska design.drive the ktm 125

 The KTM RC 125 likes to get noticed

For the rest, the general line is fairly standard. For KTM means: orange steel trellis frame that participates in design, nice aluminum swingarm, exhaust under the engine, dressing sharp … Made in India – market already accounts for half of sales / Bajaj KTM models – to reduce costs, the little RC motorcycle is not cheap.

The highlight of the Austrian manufacturer, the interface is neat again. All these templates – from 1.65 to 1.85 m – felt comfortable. The handlebar triangle / seat / footrest is far from extreme sports and to reign on board comfort.

Static at least, because we were just started our grip urban KTM RC 125 the flat saddle unveiled its strongest! Too bad, because the implementation of bracelets (fairly open) in the extension of the upper fork provides considerable comfort. Including during stops in the city, where you do not even feel the need to recover.

KTM 125 test drive 2015

KTM 125 test drive 2015

The 4 stroke still emits a bit jerky and rewarding sound. It’s a little plumage without the song, but KTM is well aware and confesses his impotence with respect to certification standards. In addition, the crooked exhaust system has been designed to prepare the arrival of Euro4. More important for house technicians that flatter hearing Driver …

But it does not bother inconvenience rather on absolutely nothing the grip, really obvious, the RC 125. Orders are soft, the box of speeds with a very flexible actuating switch and nothing to spoil the little KTM shines very well. Urban developments thus complete on a high note. Bodes well for commuting.

KTM RC 125 more agile than stable

In the attack on Austrian roads, the KTM RC 125 reveals its potential. Found some family traits, particularly at ground connections. The suspensions are quite flexible, although firmer than the Duke 125. Indeed, the RC 125 is not a piece of wood and it digests very well potholes. An asset in terms of comfort and safety impacts in turn.

KTM has chosen to rework the geometry of the Duke 125 to affirm the sporting side. The angle of more closed column, shorter wheelbase, and the offset of the body weight on the front are all aspects that exacerbate the agility of the RC 125. Indeed, in some large high-speed curves , holding cap sometimes suffers.

ktm 125 rc test

ktm 125 rc test

Similarly, on uneven surfaces, the RC 125 has several steering movements. Nothing serious so far, doctor: it is more feedback than a lack of rigor and the RC 125 is still very healthy. Moreover, FDM REVZ-C of Indian origin tires finally show the adhesion side level. What wring the neck of my ideas!

Safety is always the rendezvous braking side, with a detachable dashboard serial ABS. The brake lever turns spongy nothing but KTM has willed it so, to match the level of control for beginners. The corners are then invited to the sports steering with a front that moves really easily and a nice overall stiffness.KTM 125 2015

Too bad the rain is coming to spoil the party and shorten the test provided on circuit. However, the chassis admits a good potential, judicious compromise between ease and efficiency with comfort preserved. And 10 liters in the tank, you can count on a range of at least 300 km. Remains the saddle really too firm.

KTM 125 small mono, but it does its maximum

Over the miles, our little troupe performs a strategic combination: it’s time to play the aspiration! Indeed, with its 15 small regulatory horses, driving the KTM RC 125 quickly admits its limits. On national or double hill, we must exercise caution. Staying sixth is almost impossible if the plan falters.

It is not a fit for KTM flaw: all sports 125 comply with the law have the same type of operation. Given this, the performance is good: the acceleration of the small cylinder is sufficient to eradicate traffic and motor shows vivacious beyond 7000 r / min.

It changes tone and rapidly climbs the towers to rush to the red zone. We also note that KTM has worked its torque curve for maximum availability between 6500 rev / min and 10 000 r / min. In fact, in this speed range, it is more efficient on the road.

ktm rc 125 review

ktm rc 125 review

Pure performance side, our meter showed between 128 and 134 km / h peak, depending on the level of terrain. But more than the maximum speed, it is the availability and filling mid and high rpm we have chosen. Difficult condition to locate the KTM RC 125 against its rivals: the Aprilia RS4 (US$ 5622) may be more furious, the Yamaha YZF-R125 US$ 6160 fuller bottom, while Honda CBR 125 R will rely on his barrel price (US$ 4818) to play his card. A confrontation will be needed to get this straight!

Review: A beautiful entrance ticket for the KTM world

Daring design, ergonomics almost perfect, comfortable suspension, agility, motor available and effective: we recover the genes in this new KTM RC 125.KTM RC 125

Sold € 4,595 from September 2014, the KTM RC 125 is fairly well placed, especially as it embarks ABS as standard. It will allow holders of A1 revealed the spirit of the Austrian house.

A great way to gain new fans, who will then have the opportunity to grow within the brand with a future RC 390 or RC8. Welcome to the new girl!

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