KTM 690 Duke R inherited same genes sports than the 690 Duke – from an aesthetic point of view, it differs little real rockets which have caused a sensation in 2012 when the European Junior Cup: A machine great for connoisseurs and amateurs, light, lively, surprisingly suited to the daily but with everything that in fact an even sportier Duke 690.




With mechanical and electronic refinements, the new 690 Duke R uses incredibly low on fuel. And this despite the advance that the penultimate Duke has already won at the international comparisons of consumption. The conduct of the Duke R becomes still more timely and cost-effective – while remaining outrageously athletic, agile, dynamic.


Finely balanced, the crankshaft of the single cylinder of the 690 transforms the pressure of the combustion in power of an unmatched culture, thanks to its balance shaft that eliminates vibration but not dilute the slightest character of the single-cylinder.


The electronic engine management to get every moment a rendering of full power on the part of the LC4, a great engine. It must be said that the more modern techniques are here at work: double ignition with a mapping for each candle, so that the mixture Burns efficiently irrespective of the load and the regime. And a real Ride-by-Wire, i.e. electronic actuation of butterflies without mechanical report. This allows an electronic Proportioning perfect for regular deployment of power, especially in the transition between closed and open gas. The sensation that it provides? Indescribable. It is essential to try it.


690 Duke R houses the most modern single cylinder of the world in the most powerful alternative: in addition to its 690 ccm, the legendary LC4 here relies on a silencer in titanium Akrapovic for yet more high-sounding sounds and not less than two additional horses in the end. Either 70 HP – that is, not less than once and half the power of a 125 edge over the competition in its class.

The 690 Duke R resumes series Accessories already known such as the antidribble clutch or active ventilation of the crankcase. An authentic Ride-by-Wire ensures a constant power deployment, both gentle and all strength, while the dual ignition with candles to selective mapping ensures a more efficient combustion and low as consumption ever. If one adds to this the maintenance of 10,000 km intervals, never a single cylinder has been more elegant, more refined, more athletic or more effective than this one. Why want more cylinders? Indeed, this 690 Duke R plays in any fluency with all these horses.ktm duke 690


Adorned for all situations: the WP from the Duke, with its 43 mm inverted fork is the level of the machine with a capacity of greater inclination of 15 mm. It is distinguished by its perfect setting and a range of extremely wide use for all requirements, from the quiet ride to the surge of adrenaline on circuit. The setting is child’s play: compression damping can be adjusted upwards, on the left fork slider, and the rebound on the right damping. Why? Unlike usual relaxation and compression adjustable cartridges, they are separate oil circuits that are here at work.

Thus, compression does affects only the compression damping, and the relaxation that the rebound damping. Without mutual influence, the setting thus gains precision to fit better to the wishes of the driver.


The shock absorber gas WP monoshock, mounted on a lever with compensation tank and reference provides 690 Duke R almost unimaginable tilt capability. In addition to its perfect setting, it is distinguished by a range of extremely wide use for all requirements, from the quiet ride to the surge of adrenaline on circuit.

It is of course fully adjustable (preload spring, setting the damping rebound compression High-/ lowspeed). He was able to show in the category European Junior Cup impressive potential for the race, undaunted by turning speeds and loads of braking or acceleration absolutely hair-raising with slick tires. What does not exclude a setting more oriented towards the comfort of the driver if the latter wishes – it is indeed the driver who decides the behavior of Duke R.


Three words: attack, control, ease. Significantly more aggressive that the 690 Duke, the new 690 Duke R offers its driver the ideal position for brutal acceleration – it must be said that this sitting position is the same as that of the EJC Cup bikes. Slightly leaning forward, well maintained by the sport footrests with good feelings and a great freedom of movement on a firm and comfortable saddle, and a mastery sport curved handlebar (840 mm wide, 38 mm in height). In other words, the relaxed supermoto and a perfect mastery of the most deceitful man oeuvres. All with excellent visibility, comfortable for relaxing steps and surprisingly little fatigue. We bet? Speed solo enthusiasts will have to mount the rear cover on the passenger side of the saddle and disassemble the footrest on the rear.


Always reassuring in case: the crash bars orange steel protect the 690 Duke R if things become serious – you can continue your route quickly and without damage.


The best addition of 20 models: KTM test pilots have experienced a crazy fun to select material, and have spent a lot of time in areas boundaries. Brembo therefore rewarded their work with a radial master cylinder to measure which commands the new caliper M50 (much lighter than the previous model and machined one-piece aluminium extremely resistant for optimum rigidity). Combined with a 320 mm thick disc, here’s a team that mastered the braking!


Milled fork tees are much more than simple parts milled aluminium Eloxal coated. Indeed, the KTM engineers have precisely adapted the rigidity of these small jewels to the curve of the fork, why? What guarantees the finest depreciation which is even under high loads, for example during braking in the reclined position. While generating even better handling and a feeling of incomparable grip. And with all that, you will ride just a little faster. Finally, to others.

Lightweight components for a light motorcycle: the trellis frame of 9 kg chrome-molybdenum steel and the swingarm of 4 kg of high quality alloy Die cast of the Duke are conspicuous by their extreme resistance to twisting and provide excellent stability in the trajectories for a 690 Duke R of less than 150 kg.


Akrapovic has tailored the silencer of the Duke in collaboration with KTM. Not only it saves weight, but it provides in addition to additional horses. He also assists the silencer in brushed stainless steel under the engine for the centralization of the masses, thus contributing to the extraordinary maneuverability and formidable precision of the new 690 Duke R.


Like the 690 Duke, the ‘R’ version has of an ABS Bosch 9 M + to the sport setting for excellent protection against spills. Among the novelties, a dongle (optional) enables the Supermoto mode; the front wheel is then still controlled by the ABS to prevent it from blocking, but the rear wheel can skate or block as desired. A KTM remains a KTM.


New rims are necessarily synonymous with innovation. But what this means in the eyes of a constructor, it must measure compared to the current level of perfection of the majority of the components of a motorcycle: the great improvements do not suddenly magic wand.

KTM has therefore developed its best technicians at work, with the best software of calculation, to arrive at a set of wheels molded incredibly light pressure, sleek aesthetics and yet of stability and robustness to any test. Lighter, but especially with a rotational inertia widely reduced due to weight gain, mainly at the level of the circle’s rim. The consequence? Faster acceleration, braking distances reduced, more sharp changes of direction, in short: a faster bike.

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