Honda Integra NC750D The Maxi-trial Sccoter

The maxi-scooter Honda returns single revised and corrected with the 2014 vintage. A motorcycle scooter suit. One of the most innovative machines of the winged firm. A sports scooter, which matches the Honda image.

Honda Integra NC750D The Maxi-trial Sccoter

Honda Integra NC750D The Maxi-trial Sccoter(1000 × 666)

In 2012, the winged firm launched its new concept; take the same platform to build different motorbikes “NC series”, which has the advantage of offering vehicles at attractive rates. Honda engineers are harnessed to improve the concept NC750 (X, S and D).

The concept and style of the Integra has evolved, becoming more refined, more similar to those of a modern motorcycle, with its vivid and sharp angles that give aggressiveness.

Arrived in 2012 on the road in 700cm3 version Honda in 2014 increased the capacity of the NC series 750cm3, specifically 745. The new liquid-cooled twin engine takes advantage of a new power with a higher response level for good performances.

Half and half. The aesthetics of a scooter mixed with the power and the chassis of a motorcycle, the beautiful and powerful maxi-scooter was born at Honda. A successful and sporty line where the LEDs are discrete.

NC750D The Maxi-trial Sccoter

NC750D The Maxi-trial Sccoter (1000 × 666)

The NC750D is available in four colors for the standard version and two styles special editions. With black rims Matt Pearl Glare White (white), Graphite Black, Matt Silver Bullet (silver gray) Candy Arcadian Red and red Honda and for the Sporty category: Pearl White Tricolour Glare tri-color white / red equipped with its blue band and Matt Gunpowder Black Metallic black gunpowder, flanked by the red tape that makes it even more challenging. For the latter, the rims will be delivered golden.

NC750D Let’s Look Closer

The height of the saddle 790 mm does not pose accessibility problems. With reflection Tokyo engineers, it has extensive frontal protection and good space length for more than six feet. In reaching three inches on each side of the filling in the space provided at the knees, they have complete freedom of movement without hitting the deck.

In addition, the redesigned seat is thinner in the crotch of two inches, allowing new midsize owners to have good support on the ground. The saddle is dug before, but the quality of the gel texture that composes compensates for the loss of thickness.

In the deck is installed on the left the storage compartment without key and, on the right, the handle operating the parking brake. This is convenient in a slope for parking, especially if we get the keys from his pocket to open the gate underground garage.

Honda Integra NC750D maxi-trial sccoter

Honda Integra NC750D maxi-trial sccoter (1000 × 666)

Under seat storage compartment rests with a small tool kit and a cigarette lighter. However, it is still impossible to accommodate a helmet, even a jet helmet. Yes, the scooter riders can continue to grumble. You can store a jacket and a rain pants and gloves. Honda has once again forgotten the practical side of the scooter. Therefore, the top case remains indispensable. To address this failure, a new concept could be launched in the city: two-wheeler parking with secure locker.

The digital instrumentation dashboard illuminates when the ignition on. It is nice to be able to adjust the backlight. The computer sends us all the information necessary for a high-end vehicle. The gear engaged, time, current and average battery, coolant temperature, and instantaneous fuel consumption and much more. The indicator Fuel level is defined in five segments; the last, for the reserve, is 3.3 liters. The visibility of this accessory is perfect whatever the weather.

The handlebars, nothing fancy! On the left, the horn, directions indicators, hazard lights, low beam and high beam and the PASS (flashing lights), without forgetting the contactors reports (+/-) for mode manual. On the right, starting, automatic controls N, D and S, the switch to switch between automatic and manual modes, and a circuit breaker. The mirrors are in the same place as on the 700. Stalks resume brake levers adjustable in six stroke positions, thereby adapting perfectly to the hands of every scooter driver.

No burglar component to protect the switch. The NC750D integrates Honda Ignition Security System (HISS), effective immobilizer system. If the identifier of the chip inserted in the key of the motorcycle and the identifier of the ECU (engine control unit) are different, the engine will not start. With this electronic system, engine ignition can only work if the driver uses a key feature of the chip containing the identifier. If someone tries to bypass engine start system or replace the ignition module, the engine will not start because it is the ECU that controls it.

A new dual-clutch six-speed and to control the Integra.

The box has undergone some changes to make it more flexible and more responsive the thoroughbred. DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission) is standard. Honda, who works on the automatic transmission for years, led the way on the motorcycle segment by opting for a dual clutch, and a fully automated shift transition managed by an electronic brain.

With automatic modes, choose the mode “Drive” for a gear shift in economy mode or go for the “Sport” to go further in the towers-minutes! All manageable by rolling and editable with a simple click of the thumb of the right hand. These two automatic modes also allow immediate manual intervention via the commands “+/-” separate the stalk on the left.

Honda Integra NC750D maxi-trial sccoter

Honda Integra NC750D maxi-trial sccoter (1026 × 681)

The manufacturer has extended some gear ratios, providing acceleration and maximum speed in progress, while a second balancer reduces vibration.

The Integra also offers full manual mode “MT” full control of the transmission. An intelligent manual mode, if you forget to downshift, okay, the NC750D will do it automatically for you.

Cast aluminum, the front and rear wheels are still in 17-inch, which allows safer road holding than 15 inches. The tires are 120/70 ZR17 in M / C 160/60 ZR17 M / C.


The front brake is equipped with a corrugated disk of 320 mm with twin piston caliper, while the rear we have a 240 mm corrugated disc with a single piston caliper. Dear to the brand, the ABS is there to assist the braking system and is originally installed.

Let’s start this thing

Engine running … not knowing the beast accelerate nicely and if nothing happens, the horses refuse to move, try pressing the button “D” that will advance may be better. First, it works great, not rolling!

Let’s go to town!

In D mode automatic, because with all the stops and traffic lights present every fifty meters, it is much more convenient. Acceleration is constant with changes in 2’000tr / min. The brakes, ABS is very effective. No need to downgrade since the box does it all. The scooter, despite its weight and carcass imposing remains manageable and … sneaks properly between files.

Honda Integra NC750D maxi-trial sccoter

Honda Integra NC750D maxi-trial sccoter(1020 × 679)

The new aluminum swingarm and revision of balancing weight between the front and rear improves maneuverability. With bitumen distorted in places, the cobblestones and tram tracks, large diameter tires are a distinct advantage. The shock absorber connected to a Pro-Link system is enjoyable and provides good cushioning flexibility tested at 50 km / h over a speed bump.

The highway

The “D” mode “Sport” to find out more about what is happening in the belly of this machine. Acceleration is more frank, the sharper mounted engine speed and still more readily in the towers before moving to the next speed. The reports go quickly and smoothly. The speed increases so quickly that the legal limit on Swiss motorway is reached in a few meters. The windshield is effective even beyond that limit.


For overtaking, really no problem, a gas blow and it’s done! A 4’000tr / min to 130 km / h, a boost and speed increases from 30 to 40km / h for only 1’000tr / Additional min. At this speed, the handling is imperial with perfect stability, like a train on track.

The virolets!

Very nice straight line, but let’s take a ride on our beautiful country roads to fully discover this thoroughbred … and manual mode please! This mode allows you to play and manage orders for acceleration feel in the corners. Suspensions cashing unflinchingly all changes of angles and the frame are put to the test. The behavior of the NC750 is extraordinary and ground clearance has never been lacking.

Just like in the city, the large wheels put in trust and allow angle up safely. Engine torque offers rapid curves, but be careful, to attack, we must use both brakes to handle the late braking. Too bad Honda is kept simple disc brakes. Knowing that the computer DCT always keeps an eye on the box, you never could find yourself stopped in the sixth, even after an emergency brake. It is able to automatically downshift, even in manual mode.

Honda Integra NC750D maxi-trial sccoter

During the test, with sporty driving and unrestrained starts, consumption has been very reasonable; Integra NC750D will have consumed 3,9l / 100km. A beautiful feat given the capacity and performance.


The new Integra 750 appreciates its power, torque, its handling and fuel consumption. Comfort is the rendezvous for both the driver and passenger. The crossing of the plains and mountains will be our great pleasure with no needs massage on arrival. For those who want to combine scooter, power and comfort at a lower cost in order to satisfy a passion, you will find this machine will satisfy your desires.

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