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Feline Motorcycles Design by Yaqouba Design 2015

The street drawing table, there is often only one step that is difficult to cross. Yet this is what Yaqouba Design is about to make with his Feline Motorcycles…

Feline Motorcycles Design by Yaqouba Design 2015
Feline Motorcycles Design by Yaqouba Design 2015(810 × 506)

The Feline, you have here the eyes need not less than four years of work. In addition to have be closer largest global industry experts to achieve its ends, Yaqouba here invites us to imagine what will be the future – near – Feline Motorcycles riding.

Carbon, titanium, aluminum aerospace… in addition to take advantage of premium materials, Yaqouba thought his Feline as a Panther ready to pounce and ROAR. As says Yaqouba ‘ ” FELINE is the combination of sophistication and high technology for demanding customers looking for new innovative and unique, more than a motorcycle.

To do this, the Feline will have a block three cylinders in line, 4-GST 801 cm3 170 horsepower, weighs 155 pounds dry. If the data sheet gives us the mouth water, it is also good to know that this Feline takes advantage of a clear-cut aesthetic, a rear carbon single sided swing arm or a parallelogram front fork at the foot of which there are four 230 mm diameter brake discs.

Finally, and because history does not stop at a simple drawing in three dimensions, be aware that the launch of the first models of the Feline is scheduled for early 2016 with a limited edition of fifty copies for all numbered

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