Kawasaki Euro Bonus 2015 In Switzerland

Kawasaki Switzerland prices going to rapidly melt and you can take the chance of profit. Just find Kawasaki list of price 2015, with a ‘Bonus Burnout’ which makes the Kawasaki even more attractive.

Kawasaki Euro Bonus 2015 In Switzerland Market

So all this due to the current exchange rate situation of € to the Swiss franc see you led, by means of a “Burnout bonus” to lower prices for new Kawasaki motorcycles by immediately massive.

Due to the current situation of the rate of exchange of the Swiss franc towards the Euro, Kawasaki decided to massively reduce its prices by allowing purchasers of new motorcycles a ‘Burnout Bonus’. The turmoil of the price of the Euro in recent weeks, the report seems to be stabilizing somewhat. For this reason Kawasaki adjusts the price of the new motorcycles, newly set.

From February 9, 2015, Kawasaki grants on all its a ‘Burnout Bonus’ models, which can rise, depending on the model, more than CHF 2’600. This bonus is granted until further notice. Do not forget to mention that the Kawasaki customers continue to take advantage of the extended warranty “3 years Switzerland guarantee” that increases a year the factory warranty

After the turbulent fluctuations of recent weeks, the relationship of the Swiss franc to the EURO seems to stabilize a bit. Taking this as an opportunity, we have recalculated motor wheels new Kawasaki prices.

The suggestion that now we can smoke and enjoy the rates and you can find all models included “Burnout bonus” at extremely attractive prices on the Kawasaki official Web site.


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