Yamaha MT-09: 3-cylinders for all, finally!

Finally! The first great innovation motorcycle Yamaha 2014 keeps all its promises, at least on paper: largest and atypical of the engines mid size in a dress very techno for benefits payable 100% usable! First official information before imminent test of a Yamaha MT-09 to the very long teeth very…

Yamaha MT-09: 3-cylinders for all, finally!

The Yamaha MT-09 cause’s sharpest curiosity since months and, finally, Yamaha Motor France raises the veil on that which must incarnate the great revival of the brand in Europe. And it is high time! At least, our patience will have been rewarded for most beautiful for the manners, because this first information – which will be of course to confirm under test – forecasts a great wine for the year motorcycle 2014! Yamaha MT-09 is announced frightening in all the directions of the term: commercially for competition but also in effectiveness on road.

Because we hold there – finally! – A motorcycle 100% thought for “the true life and true people”, and not a reclassification cheaply of an engine initially planned for the competition… With this Yamaha MT09, Yamaha reintroduces three-cylinders in its range – given up since the last XS 750 and 850 of years 70/80 -, a motorization which promises to be its asset number one.

Why? Because this architecture engine traditionally represents the best compromise between the installed capacity of the four-cylinder engines with high mode and the important couple of the twin-cylinders with bottom and mid–modes… It is it in particular which makes already the success of Triumph Street Triples 675, joined besides in 2012 by MV Agusta Brutal on our premises.

But what already makes it possible to think that the Yamaha innovation will constitute a very solid competition for the references in place, it is also its cubic capacity: displaying 847 Cm3 exactly (for a boring X chases of 78 mm X 59.1 mm), the engine of Yamaha MT09 becomes largest representing roadsters “mid-size” (or general public), an argument which made a long time the success of Kawasaki Z750 in France vis-a-vis the 600 Cm3 however quite as powerful…

 Yamaha MT-09: 3-cylinders for all, finally!

3-cylinders for the true life

Structure driving sails about it, rolled “record” for the category, here is without any doubt the strong arguments of this news Yamaha MT-09 3-cylinder on the market of the roadsters 2014… But not only did you look at well? This mouth of course also much will make speak and comment on the bikesdoctor.com forum! In style always such a Japanese (thank you), Yamaha includes some European trademarks to propose a roadster general public mixing to us in its style with the influences as sporting as “techno”.

Thus, its aluminum framework (two bolted half-hulls) openly taking again the engine on the top and combined with a back loop out of steel tubes, is today almost the standard of the category of the sporting roadsters. Just as it solid reversed fork (diam. 41 mm) with radial braking, whereas the shock absorber is from now on nearly invisible, in position lying.

The pot under the engine takes part to centre the masses of this Yamaha MT-09 announced as narrow as natural in hand. Its very indented tank and its high handlebar would determine a natural ergonomics, whereas the thickness of the saddle lets forecast a “relative” comfort for the passenger…

Yamaha MT-09: 3-cylinders for all, finally!

Available in September 2013 to the neighborhoods as of… 8,500 Euros

Already promising a single availability and a driving character in the category, new “the large” Yamaha three-cylinders does not determine of it less one motorcycle compacts, and according to the first elements of the data sheet, a weight interesting grace in particular to the use of aluminum run under pressure for the framework (and also undoubtedly the motor casings).

Moreover, an injection sophisticated and a total work on engine (frictions, cooling, lightening, etc) would make it possible to notably reduce the consumption of the Yamaha MT-09, which lets hope for the reserve of a capacity of only 14 liters. All which have many arguments position Already this very new motorcycle in a very strategic way for the brand in France and more Generally in Europe.

In evil of innovations motorcycle to strong volume these last years, Yamaha hopes for many of this MT-09 in this version roadster, but also of other models declined in the years to come from this same technical base. If its availability in concessions is already known (September 2013), the price of the Yamaha MT-09 is for the moment not officially communicated. But one can advance without much risk to be mistaken an estimate around the 8,000 to 9,000 €.

Yamaha MT-09: 3-cylinders for all, finally!

Yamaha MT-09, essence:

  • Great return of Yamaha to the 3-cylinders online
  • Power 78.1 kw/106 ch
  • Weight 171 kg dry (without fluids), 188 kg all full facts/ABS 191 kg
  • Metalized, orange color purple metalized, gray and blue,
  • Price approx. 8,500 € (estimate ms)
  • Availability September 2013 (November MT-09 ABS)


  • 3-cylinders online, compact, 60 kg
  • Comfortable cubic capacity of 847 Cm3 (78 mm X 59.1 mm)
  • 2 ACT and 4 valves /cylinder
  • Chock with 120°, beam of balancing
  • Pistons out of forged aluminum, cylinders composite ceramics
  • Angle of the valves of 26°5, valves with diameters 31 mm and 25 mm
  • Electronic injection, injectors on the guide of valve
  • Three horns of admission various lengths
  • Accelerator YCC-T, 3 modes of cartography (standard; A: more power with bottom and semi modes; B: difficult conditions, roads slipping)

Part cycles:

    • Die cast aluminum frame (two half-shells screwed)
    • Arm oscillating asymmetrical aluminum run under pressure
    • Suspension postpones Monocross with horizontal shock absorber (adjustments arises and relaxation)
    • Reversed fork equipped with tubes of 41 mm (adjustments arises and relaxation)
    • Tires 120/70ZR17 – 180/55ZR17
    • Tank steel, 14 liters
    • Brake AV 2 floating discs diam. 298 radial mm/clamps 4 pistons
    • Controls the foot out of forged aluminum
    • Rear light with LED, instrument panel LCD

Here are some beautiful featured images and pictures of Yamaha MT-09

Yamaha MT-09: 3-cylinders for all, finally! Yamaha MT-09: 3-cylinders for all, finally! Yamaha MT-09: 3-cylinders for all, finally! Yamaha MT-09: 3-cylinders for all, finally! Yamaha MT-09: 3-cylinders for all, finally! Yamaha MT-09: 3-cylinders for all, finally!

Yamaha MT-09: 3-cylinders for all, finally!

Yamaha MT 09 side view image

Yamaha MT-09: 3-cylinders for all, finally!

Yamaha hand Grips and technometer iamge

Yamaha MT-09 Just Overview

Yamaha MT-09 provide all the things that’s you want from an endure bike. Like its strong focus on intensified riding excitement, multifaceted character, naked mass-forward style and outstanding all-round agility, this motorcycle takes Yamaha into new terrain.

Yamaha produced by the same team of engineers that changed the face of the super sport world with the original R1, the all-new MT-09 is ready to challenge the status quo and carry a new kind of enactment, unruffled with increased riding emotion and provocative new-wave design to the thoroughfare.

Yamaha MT-09 Stylish Designee

The Yamaha MT-09 has 850cc 3-cylinder naked motard stylishness design is a new kind of vehicle in the 2-wheeled wasteland that combines strength with cunning. Overhead all else, the MT-09 is about emotion, character, excitement, agility and control. Its surge of raw, linear torque is available instantly throughout the cycle series for adrenaline-charged acceleration.

Yamaha MT-09 having a wave of characterful torque waiting to be unleashed, this revolutionary new 3-cylinder bike also pushes out serious quantities of class-leading horsepower to give the MT-09 a leading power-to-weight ratio in the upper mid class. Weighing in at less than a Yamaha YZF-R6, this light, powerful and agile motorcycle will prove to be a revelation to those riders brought up on more conventional designs.

This new-wave 3-cylinder naked motard offers an exciting new alternative for those riders who understand what the shape of a torque camber means and sport riding is never going to be the same again.

I hope you have get some thing new about Yamaha MT-09  and its beautiful pictures and images.

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