Masai Black Rod 125 Best Motorcycle

The bike market sometimes leaves you curious things like the Masai Black Rod 125. The importer Deltamics has led to France this classic motorcycle that quads Masai manufacturer has proven lucky in the market of low-cost of 125 cc motorcycle.Masai Black Rod 125 Best Motorcycle

Grace is that the Masai Black Rod 125 is almost identical to the Mash Seventy Five , already known for its distinctly low-cost.

Delta Mics society devote 90% of its activities to the quads. In parallel, the company imports the Masai brand since 2004. For 2015, Masai embarks on the segment of 125 motorbikes with the commercialization of the Black Rod.

The supposed attractions of this variant is that in France you get 1,590 euros at price of moped in addition to two-tone red and black décor. Moreover is especially difficult to see the differences between both bikes, with its single-cylinder engine air-cooled four-stroke and 124 cc, power by carburetor, 5-speed gearbox, electric start and kick, by analog instrumentation with rear drum brake, fuel consumption, dual rear shock Preload or 18 and 16-inch on each axis wheels respectively.

Masai Black Rod 125 Best Motorcycle

Is there someone who let this concept of bike cheaper still without losing your good taste in design?

When one scrutinizes the magnifying glass this Black Rod, it is difficult not to find an affiliation with the Mash Seventy 125. Indeed, the Masai model presented at the JPMS resumes of many retro typed aesthetic touches that its competitor, including the pads placed on the tank.

Masai Black Rod 125 Best Motorcycle

Equipment, little surprise: instrumentation shows a dial while roundness to analog playback. Automation is based on a block for the category: it’s a 4T cylinder, coupled to a gearbox 5 gears, with chain drive. This Black Rod is marketed at a price of €1590. Remember that Masai products are guaranteed for 1 year.Masai Black Rod 125 Best Motorcycle

Technical characteristics and Specifications:

  • Engine: Single cylinder 4-stroke
  • Displacement: 124 cm3
  • Ignition: electronic
  • Fuel tank capacity: 11.5 liters
  • Brake front: disc
  • REAR brake: drum
  • Gearbox: 5-speed
  • Dry weight: 104 kg
  • Tire front: 90/90-18
  • REAR tire: 110/90-16
  • Lxwxh: 2050 mm x 775 mm x 1098 m

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