KTM 1290 Super Adventure Test as Full Review

The KTM 1290 Super Adventure is a road trail to the respectable template, most importantly with electronics, both for safety and comfort, as the playful aspects. With its endowment of series as impressive as the luxury feel she exudes, this “big” new 2015 impressed us by his sportsmanship.

KTM 1290 Super Adventure Test as Full Review

Today we’ll ride cool! You won’t put you to sleep, rest assured, but this run is not a great price!”. At the end of the press conference introducing their new banner, it is in these few words that KTM officials invite us to take the handlebar of the Super Adventure 1290. It is true that usual for this brand recognized for the fun of his mind – and whose motto Ready to Race speaks volumes about his intentions – presentations are always conducted drum beating.

But today, to mark his arrival on the segment of very high motorcycles range, trimmed to swallow kilometers as that channel and preserve the crew, guests wish above all that we enjoyed quietly from the comfort of their big trail. The coup on the island of Gran Canaria, where the international press today view the Super Adventure, our road trip begins with a wide stretch of motorway addressed at Senate pace. Damned, Oranges are impatient.

KTM 1290 Super Adventure Test as Full Review

Super Adventure as Ergonomics Preserves

Speed controller seated to 130 km/h, bubble set manually and easily on its position the most high, rash comfortably installed on an independent seat in the fluffy convincing, I takes full advantage of this motorway trip. Already, with his right handlebar wide what it takes, its intuitive controls and its willing foot rests at the base of the legs, the ergonomics preserves the comfort.

Similarly, the protection of 1290 Super Adventure ready hard flank criticism. Yet with my 183 cm under the Strip and a seat at 860 cm from the floor of the (Spanish) cows, the doubt was allowed. But in the presence of a broad and high, windscreen which does not interfere with my field of vision in a straight line, and a large reservoir, picked up and additional featuring large scoops, I’m perfectly sheltered by the bow of the new Austrian flagship.

KTM 1290 Super Adventure Test as Full Review

And if the net of air felt on my arms and my boots tip reminds me that passes I well and truly on a two-Wheeler, my helmet, my shoulders and my legs are perfectly isolated. Only missing the radio to complete the table, an option that will certainly land at KTM the day where the Austrians will develop an anti-RT. After all, we well have the right to dream.

With a sixth report style overdrive, 130 km/h the 1.3liter V2 sailed just below the threshold of 5 000 rpm. In addition to the interest of preserving the autonomy, without vibration or disturbing sound he enjoyed by its discretion to operation. The crew love, necessarily, as on this billiards Super Adventure, Pullman on stilts, seems ideally suspended. But what will happen on the secondary network? And despite its “very beautiful template” “, that will be worth – it in the sinuous?” Our opener now toward the exit, we can discover it-very very – quickly.

KTM 1290 Super Adventure Test as Full Review

 The Torque on all Tracks On-off Road

It is well known: some resolutions don’t last a time! As that our guests had taken in the preamble to our taxi, there is yet not so long. It seems that cast rhythm advocated at the exit of the presentation is already overseen by our opener. Sacred DNA KTM! On the roads to the countless virolos leading us to the heights of the island, the bugger imposed an infernal pace a1190 Adventure riding.

Cadence whom we of course, because our Super Adventure have a super engine, more powerful and more horsepower than the 1190. Derived from the LC8wholesale appeared on the nasty roadster 1290 Super Duke last year, he exudes a hair-raising performance:160 horses and 14 daN.m of torque. Nothing that much.

If this boiler sniffs significantly under 3 800 rpm, past this Cape impresses the boost up to 6 500 rpm. beyond it continues its ascent elastic big way, the couple is doing so even more demonstrative. About vibration and the metallic sound that appear high in the towers, they give simply the big Austrian twin furious character, extra incomparable soul.

KTM 1290 Super Adventure Test as Full Review

Of torque to all floors

It is well known: some resolutions only last a time! Like our hosts had taken preamble to our driving, there is yet not so long. It seems that the pace cast advocated at the exit of the presentation is already forgotten our opener. Sacred DNA KTM! On roads with countless virolos leading us to the heights of the island, the guy imposes a furious pace riding a 1190 Adventure.

Cadence course we take as our Super Adventure has a great engine, more powerful and more torque than the 1190. Derived from the LC8 appeared on the big villain roadster 1290 Super Duke last year, he distills hair-raising performances: 160 horsepower and torque 14 daNm. Nothing less!

If this boiler balks substantially in 3800 rev / min, after this impressive thrust cap to 6500 rev / min. Beyond it continues its ascent how big elastic, the couple then being more demonstrative. As for vibration and metallic sound that appear high in the towers, they simply give big Austrian twin an angry character, an incomparable soul.

KTM 1290 Super Adventure Test as Full Review

Until then I had logically privileged Comfort mode, characterized by maximum flexibility and an anti-dive effect of the fork on braking. Note that the BMW Telever remains much more effective to keep a perfect dish. For now benefit from a more incisive behavior curve entry, more precision in the placement, so I basule on Sport mode. The fork dives more, without giving the feeling to evolve on a rocking horse. Moreover, the strengthened damper gives the 1290 a more rigorous course keeping. Well done!

The agility of a trail mid size

So, after taking the ease of hands and comfort unveiled the first phase of our roll in the mountains of Gran Canaria, the 1290 KTM Super Adventure demonstrated an impressive athletic potential. I have already mentioned the health of her V2, are now talking about the agility of the bike, the dimensions needed anyone yet respect.

KTM 1290 Super Adventure Test as Full Review

In fact, thanks to its geometry – despite a rather long wheelbase and 19-inch wheel at the front – no inertia is felt at the time to put it on the angle. The large handlebars, you pilot this trail max fingertips. Also found it a lot of liveliness on rapid change.

Sometimes a little too much even when frank phases discounts eg gas, the wheel that significantly offloads indicates that care must be taken not to cling to the wide handlebars. However, thanks to the clarity of the front axle, the optimal feedback allows not to be trapped. As to the inseparable duo Continental ContiTrail Attrack 2/volcanic bitumen, it works wonders.

Braking is another strong point of the cycle parts. Powerful, progressive, combining forward with the back (80/20%) when the right lever is pressed, allowing to establish the wader at stopping his ardor. Soliciting the pedal, only the back into action, what perfectly correct its trajectory curve.

KTM 1290 Super Adventure Test as Full Review

A new step forward thanks to electronics

E-staffing is just as exciting. Of course, ABS and traction control disconnect able are well-known devices. But coupled with the MSC Bosch stability control angle sensor in 2014, the package offers more in terms of security.

We observe a gritty stretch of road, littered with ruts, the nightmare of every biker. In addition to enjoying a pretty amazing comfort in this field, thanks to the semi-active suspension offering a beautiful absorption capacity on large depressions also, decision brakes heavy Super Adventure (announced to 249 kg every fueled) maintains its course without flinching.

Out of corners now, despite the inclination and instability of the coating, the motor is also surprising. Of course, the physical laws are such that the system these limits. Nevertheless, what we have tested so far, the dynamic qualities of this machine in these extreme conditions were particularly convinced us.

And that’s not all. Because the slipper clutch device, KTM with the mechanics of a more advanced technology, called MSR (optional). Operating at the inverse of the MSC, but always with the angle sensor, the electronic system monitors the ABS on the rear wheel deceleration phases, restoring light gas shot to avoid locking the rear wheel.

And if by chance, for the scenery, you stop in a hillside location, you have the optional KTM suitcases and a passenger is invited on your driving, do not panic. The start assist HHC side optional too here will prove useful, especially for shorter riders.

This is not the friend of small

But precisely least 1.70 m will not be particularly at ease on the 1290 Super Adventure. We have already mentioned the measurements of the Austrian Oak: add it to the saddle height, weight perched high and wide handlebars to understand that short thighs will experience some difficulties during maneuvers off and low-speed developments. Fortunately, the turning radius of the Super A is reasonable.

Moreover, in town, the LC8 V2 heater copiously, and quickly, putting the gluteal temperature of the driver, and legs of the passenger. Finally, while the wide adjustable windscreen provides full satisfaction in terms of protection, it invites the middle of the field of vision when cornering. It’s embarrassing!

KTM 1290 Super Adventure Test as Full Review

Running late. On the LCD screen – which remains readable when the coming of the light – the onboard computer distills information. Of the 210 km traveled today (80% of mountain roads on which we have not dragged!), The 1290 KTM Super Adventure consumed 8.4 l / 100 km on average. In the tank can hold 30 liters of fuel originally, there would be 110 km of autonomy. In reasonable conduct, it is not impossible to build 400 miles between gas station.

Conclusion: The new Austrian knife

Driving dynamics, mechanical licensing, finesse and relevance of the audience, comfort and protection, it is likely that the 1290 KTM Super Adventure will make a splash. Its original endowment is impressive. Series, it indeed offers an ingenious system of lighting fires inside turns (installed in the scoops), heated grips, 12V socket, heated seats independent, the center stand…

Nevertheless, we remain convinced, however, that its competitors retain the lead on certain points, either side weight, versatility on and off road, tariffs it’s all just sold € 17,995 on the high-end appearance some equipment and even motor side for pure long-term travelers.

Anyway, recognize the efforts of the Austrian brand now presents a luxurious machine more versatile than 1190, more road also. But that one is not mistaken, the Super Adventure does set out a single white / gray, but if you scratch the paint, a bright orange underlay should appear as its sports performance proven.

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