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Comparison: Yamaha MT-09 Tracer vs Triumph 800 Tiger XRx

The Japanese are ruthless when it comes to playing on the report quality / price. Less than €10 000, the plot is obviously the new Scarecrow of the category. But where, exactly? Facing the Tiger 800 XRx, the other 3-cylinder engine of the moment, the question is more than ever.Comparison: Yamaha MT-09 Tracer vs Triumph 800 Tiger XRx


The MT09 is the phenomenon of the moment, the first big 3-cylinder Yamaha’s era modern  they are far the XS 750 and 850 in aggressive ultra lush at a price of attack. Obviously, we gear cartons for the greatest pleasure of the amateurs of strong sensations and also Yamaha Motor France after a few years of scarcity on the side of new motorcycle.

More reason to drive the nail. After its roadster in 2014, the constructor double development this year with version “trail” of the MT-09, on the same technical recipe – base frame/engine unchanged – but with specifically for the category. And once again, this draw any bright found on his road the other 3-cylinder engine market, coming directly from England. Triumph has also not expected Japanese pressure to reset its offer, and offers us this year an evo in its large trail public, namely the Tiger800 XRx. After the last VFR 800 X exceptional that the plot just confront on the station, here is therefore a second match 100% unreleased but legitimate between two new 2015 which, on paper at least, seem to target the same audience. But, handlebar in hands, is it always as obvious?

Comparison: Yamaha MT-09 Tracer vs Triumph 800 Tiger XRx

Explosion on Boom Aerial Collector

A question still a bit premature in this cold morning of January, then that I discovered just the last Japanese car. His aesthetics, cut the serpe and very condensed, propels us far away from the majestic African dunes. With his train before massif, its stunning radial calipers, its low, wide and very inclined engine or its strictly road wide tires, we imagine more the MT09trace its route on the boulevards or impeccable mountain bitumen’s.


However, his handlebar perched on its elevated bridges, its saddle steel lattice ‘way BMW R1200GS’ loop ‘ or even his tortured guards maintain doubt until I put the header on the edge of aside walk trying to follow Bertrand – our photographer- imperial artist in this event of crossing urban riding English! ” When it comes to prune the Rocky trail in the Andes in MT – 09, it is therefore missed.

Tiger A trail, it is no Doubt

With its engine comb plastic and more ground clearance, the Tiger XRx 800 2015 is obviously more comfortable. Its engine very vertical and reassembled in the framework, postponed, therefore, more weight by height, which does nor a gift in maneuvers at very low speed. Move the XRx discontinuation is always more tiring than the MT – 09, also lighter on the scale of 15 kg. At least, on the britonne, lies in field of knowledge, it is a trail, it is no doubt! The body reported back by the big high tank, footrests flyer legs as in a wheelchair, although bust right, arms there also relaxed, hard not to feel at home, comfortable.

Comparison: Yamaha MT-09 Tracer vs Triumph 800 Tiger XRx

The first km/h, the height pounds disappear, the Tiger 800XRx becomes instinctive and its engine, a treat for the approval. Never brutal but always present, three-legged tows flexible at low revs and gains liveliness over the towers for scream of happiness well before the limits of the red zone. So tasty, melodious temperament, and a beautiful beach of fully effective regime, which coupled with a gearbox also sweet gas management, made the daily a relaxed formality.

MT-09’s Each Responsibility on Roll

We expect the first glance  and gas, MT-09 plays any other partition. Already by its sporty ergonomics, placing the driver more at the front, more bent on footrests rearmost legs. Slightly higher also, – non-adjustable – saddle will cause more worries to the courts on legs (the Tiger offers two positions). More than the trail, the plot lies mainly to the supermotard with low management, of a block, which transmits more information to the pilot. Immediately, the machine makes you understand that roles are strictly divided, the front guide, decides, and the back grows! Dry, rough, the 3-cylinder spits its decibels without way, even to the deceleration.

Comparison: Yamaha MT-09 Tracer vs Triumph 800 Tiger XRx

The plot is a catapult that is pilot. Even if the benefit is not monstrous, the Japanese takes the ascendant in the English times, regardless of the speed. Imagine that duo, moreover loaded with optional suitcases, a Yamaha will be more at ease, needing less to play with the box. In addition, despite a very basic form – flat and narrow at the base – Bull offers amazing protection at the level of the head and the torso, generating little backwater on the shoulders. If you add a battery life of more than 200 km before reserve, the plot allows therefore trimming the road long, without trainer, comfortably. Just as voracious 7 l. medium in our test), the Triumph will have to refuel before damage. While its bubble, more compact and sprayed the wind, tortured, the rain, on the bust and shoulders. Less well. But his time comes.

Comparison: Yamaha MT-09 Tracer vs Triumph 800 Tiger XRx

Behind the disguise

While the landscape is hilly before us, the km parade, serenely. It is also, and above all, the test of the road these “trails” road to argue their ergonomics, giving this impression of overhang the road to better visualize the environment, security. In addition, their suspensions, also nearby in their reactions as the drawing or even the padding of their saddle, provide a very acceptable comfort, with just enough firmness to remind that here is also the performance which premium.

Despite appearances, the MT-09 remains a roadster, muscular and effective. It said, its weight distributed down thanks to its very inclined motor, facilitates its hands consideration. As on most of the Japanese, it almost immediately feel at home without this mode of electronic gadgets and his screened buttons, commands that require a true outlet in hands. In standard mode, in any case, it is the torque and the liveliness of its three-cylinder engine in the substantial, which capture the attention, especially as gas management deals with jerks and request enforcement when one grows the pace.

Comparison: Yamaha MT-09 Tracer vs Triumph 800 Tiger XRx

At worst, it shakes and it slams, a little, on the side of the box, but still it sends and it flies. The MT-09, these are also sometimes raw sensations of foundry, but still largely on what fun!

A smoother English

Behind the Triumph follows the pace, with less of puffery but ultimately just as efficiently. Obviously, here need more pull reports, progressive acceleration allow to more easily exploit the chassis. Less camped on the front, the XRx offers yet a quite comparable skill, probably also thanks to its narrower tires. Its length smooth also further his reactions, while directly benefiting the heading maintenance.

Comparison: Yamaha MT-09 Tracer vs Triumph 800 Tiger XRx

Even teasing his maximum performance – on circuit – the Triumph remains Imperial, while the shortest trace reacts more on inequality of the road or bitumen fittings, in the rain, for example. At least with the gear at its disposal at the front, his braking, powerful and easy to quantitative, doubled ABS, shows almost perfect. Whilethe brackets double piston of the Tiger are clearly a notch below (and more so in loaded duo.

Balance sheet: True trail or roadster dressed up, do your math’s

Jean-Luc March, Triumph France boss, did not hide his concern at the discovery of the MT-09… And our tests confirm it. Even in this declension ” Tracer ” 2015, the large 3-cylinder Yamaha is the keypad in the English channel. Because if we talk about pure performance and efficiency, our two bikes of the day offer a cocktail certainly different but quite comparable. On the other hand, no less than €1 400 between them, to the advantage of the draw (€9,999), the price of a very comprehensive additional equipment luggage another accessories. CA account, obviously.

Comparison: Yamaha MT-09 Tracer vs Triumph 800 Tiger XRx

However, at the end of this comparison, it would be ashamed to consider than the price at the time of the choosing both their character separates them. DrawMT-09 is primarily aimed at tech-savvy raw sensations, but almost exclusively asphalt, both its exhaust under the engine, its 17-inch rims and its overall architecture probably badly bear the rigors of the trail… Behind appearances, the Yamaha Tracer is a roadster with a handlebar and a high bubble of a loop back reinforced for the loaded duo. In declining the same platform on several models, Yamaha limited prices but also use. We can have everything.

Less spectacular course, the Tiger remains the most versatile: a true trail, road or adventurer, thanks to its less exposed engine in case of fall, its higher ground clearance and its front rim 19 inch adapted to mixed tires. In addition, despite his slight deficit of displacement, the approval of its 3-cylinder engine remains the strong point of this 800, much easier, finally, that her big sister in the Triumph range. Between these plot and Tiger, objectively, there not to waver depending on your use.

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