Comparison :Yamaha MT-09 Tracer vs Honda Crossrunner 2015

The Yamaha MT-09 draw is without doubt the new trail midsize by the year 2015! Based roadster triple and sold less than €10,000, it is not attractive. But at Honda, the new generation of VFR800X Crossrunner contrasted with other arguments. Despite a much higher price. Which of these high road on legs is made for you? The answer is here in bellow.

Comparison :Yamaha MT-09 Tracer vs Honda Crossrunner 2015


Honda Crossrunner VFR 800 X vs Yamaha MT – 09 Tracer Test:


To continue to expand their ranges containing their costs of production, generalist manufacturers have in recent years intensified implementation of industrial platforms. Their strategy is ultra relevant, particularly in times of recession, since keeping the same engine/chassis basis, they are able to decline rapidly several variations on different segments key – not without a certain originality for once!

Thus, in the family of the road trails of average displacement, are born Yamaha Tracer on one side and the exceptional Honda on the other. The first being a variation of the MT-09 sports roadster and the 2nd, a variation of the sport GT VFR 800, their philosophy seems at first sight quite different. However on this segment in vogue, they agree on many points. The uniqueness of their mechanics including the Honda opposing the granting of the three cylinder 847 CC Yamaha to its atypical 782 CC V four-cylinder.

Comparison :Yamaha MT-09 Tracer vs Honda Crossrunner 2015

What are the differences distinguish them daily? Which is the most versatile? The most effective. The most comfortable alone or in duo? The most accessible?

You take the red and me Red!


Laid on their side, our rivals of the day in their Crimson dress, are away undetected. The Crossrunner new is unrecognizable, since Honda designers he grafted his new look and so clearly redefined its vocation! Its optical X-shaped gives elegance and sophistication. Welds aside, its aluminum frame and its single sided swing arm have a brushed finish of the most beautiful effect.

Comparison :Yamaha MT-09 Tracer vs Honda Crossrunner 2015

But in our eyes, as the few onlookers penguins? crossed by these frigid temperatures, sexiest remains the draw. First true declination of the MT-09, with its dual optical sharp topped of an adjustable bubble, his fact look fly. Its taut lines and its finish, better than that of Honda, are other matters identified by the observers.

But take place aboard the new trail of Iwata earned. It must be said that the saddle of the plot is particularly high and as a base to exclude more legs on the VFR800X, Bertrand 1.82 m and yours truly 1.83 m, we still ask how Christophe almost 1, 70 m has benefited from good support during his first test of the plot.

Comparison :Yamaha MT-09 Tracer vs Honda Crossrunner 2015


The Honda Crossrunner reserves best home


Saddle slightly inclined forward, really remote footrest since identical to those of the roadster, the positioning of the legs is rather sporty on the Yamaha. Fortunately the right and wide handlebars preserves posture bust right, typical of the genus trail road. We find the same type of positioning of the upper body on the exceptional 2015, but its hanger is narrower and above all, his decks are more natural extension of the legs. Indeed, the Honda Rider sits more backward than the Yamaha.

Comparison :Yamaha MT-09 Tracer vs Honda Crossrunner 2015

The Honda levers are also more accessible than those of the Yamaha – too distant – and it’s definitely simpler handlebar control Kit to handle. Normal at the same time: they are much less provided. Indeed, unlike the exceptional, the plot offers three driving modes that choosing the right commodo and on the left commodo, a trigger is scroll the indications of the dashboard and an available at the index button allows to return to the menus. The exceptional catches up with its button disconnection of traction control installed on the handlebar on the Honda VFR800F, then of the plot is located in the dashboard. Less convenient


A manoeuvre, the 33.4 extra kg of the Honda impose much more caution on the Yamaha. In addition, its turning radius seemed greater. So far, with best ground and softer orders on the Yamaha support, the grip of the exceptional claims no particular instructions.

The plot is less sweet. Its box hangs more, and with fits and starts remain at the opening of the gas on A sports mode as on the standard mode (STD). And if you find this motorcycle urban, beware its wide handlebar equipped with series of large hand guards. There is no better to hang the mirrors of cars going the files!

Special attention is also required when the brakes of the Yamaha. Indeed, if the bite of the systems is comparable, the plot attack on the front brake on is more frank. And as the Yamaha plunges much less than the exceptional, it implements faster stress its Dunlop Sportmax D222, which does not really shines by its speed of temperature rise. In the early run and when the grip is uncertain, ABS fires more quickly on the Yamaha thus requires more anticipation.

Comparison :Yamaha MT-09 Tracer vs Honda Crossrunner 2015


The Yamaha drive heavy…


We appreciate the availability of the three-cylinder Yamaha from low revs, as his impressive thrust, while linear but frankly exciting. The Honda engine is much more hollow at midrange, or even downright dormant under the 4 000 rpm. Whether double or extricate itself quickly from a perilous situation, it requires at least fall a report.

Suddenly, on the secondary network, follow devilish train of the plot to the handlebar of the exceptional requires continually knit the selector to remain beyond the 6 500 rpm, threshold above which the famous Honda VTEC system comes into action. Past this Cape, characterized by a lightweight metal screeching and increased resonance of the air box, 4 cylinders in V which long tire is really punchy, not stingy in sensations.

Not bad, but the plot this outburst on is permanent – and the furious engine sound while enveloping. So necessarily, the Yamaha gives lesson to the Honda times, 80 or 110 km/h, on the fourth as the sixth report. Y’ has no picture! And fills of happiness, this orgy of passion at bell and place without even harming consumption of CP3 Yamaha, on average, more restrained than the Honda V4.


The Honda propel you away


Mechanical atmosphere reveals a sportsmanship more pronounced on the plot, that the part-cycle confirms the first virolo. Camped on its suspensions much stronger that those of the exceptional, most loaded on the front, the MT09 on stilts been more accurately than the Honda. On the corner, its stability is better and its ability to turn quickly edge proves to be more convincing, even if we have to admit that in this exercise the exceptional is better without ground.

Because on the raises, the plot only in fact asks to pitch. Fortunately, series traction control limits the uprising of the front wheel. When in action, the acceleration is a little chopped, but it prefers its interventions to those of the Honda TCS, much more time-consuming and intrusive.Comparison :Yamaha MT-09 Tracer vs Honda Crossrunner 2015

What the Honda loses in terms of sportiness, it retrieves in terms of comfort. Seat softer and better comic, softer suspensions, is it that best preserves the driver. Enjoying also a softer saddle, more grab handles and an adjustable shock absorber preload via an accessible wheel, the passenger of the Honda is no slouch. On the other hand side protection, with a bow which better deflects the airflow and an adjustable bubble manually to stop, the plot marks a new point.


Balance sheet: Question of expectations and budget!


The new Honda VFR 800 X exceptional is undoubtedly a success, that would see the trail of average displacement on the tourist side of the telescope. Versatile, comfortable, enjoying great autonomy as featuring a larger tank, it is more for fans of the long travel course that chart the backpackers who gladly plan their sprees in duo.

But to shoot down per kilometer, Yamaha Tracer did finally not much to envy to the Honda, if its improved sitting comfort. As for the rest, it is also good everywhere, and better in terms of sportsmanship, as the report quality/price/facilities.

Comparison :Yamaha MT-09 Tracer vs Honda Crossrunner 2015

Sold €2 000 less than the Honda €9,999 to the plot, €11 999 for the exceptional, the Yamaha also has the audacity to propose more standard equipment: taken 12V, stand Central, bubble adjustable. As such, exceptional 2015 redefined is certainly much more accomplished than the previous version, but with today the draw among others across his path, his commercial career looks complicated!

Honda VFR 800 X Crossrunner Priced at €11 999 and we found that the good and make us happy that:

Comparison :Yamaha MT-09 Tracer vs Honda Crossrunner 2015


  • Its ergonomics and saddle height
  • It is double act
  • It is comfortable
  • It has handlebars

However we found that thing in negative:

  • Its weight
  • It hollow substantial
  • It transfers of masses in sports driving
  • Challenge in adjustable bubble or central stand
  • And its price


Yamaha MT-09 Tracer priced at 9 999 € and we found that the good and make us happy that:

Comparison :Yamaha MT-09 Tracer 2015


  • Its engine performance
  • Its Precision and accuracy
  • Its weight
  • And its reasonable price
  • Its protection techno


However we found that thing in negative:

  • its saddle height
  • too remote footrest
  • eye-catching box
  • always sensitive jerking
  • interfile


As per our rating we pointed Honda at the base of these

  1. Approval
  2. Performance
  3. Part cycle
  4. Heading maintenance
  5. Agility
  6. Braking
  7. Life on board
  8. Ergonomics
  9. Saddle
  10. Comfort
  11. double act
  12. Consol
  13. Manufacturing
  14. Equipment
  15. Price

Honda stayed at pints Rank 47 however, Yamaha MT-09 Tracer ranked at 50.

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