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Mahindra Motorcycles  going to joint venture with Peugeot for complete motorcycle

If expected Mahindra back wheel vehicles to enter the market next my purchase of a 51 % basic portion Peugeot motorcycles France Euro 54 billion of PSA group violates official remarks in press. Motorcycle arm the Mahindra Group in October 2014 made a binding offer to acquire 51 percent of the Peugeot motorcycles, one of the oldest fabless back wheels of motor vehicles in the world.

Mahindra Two Wheelers Expects to Complete Deal With Peugeot Motorcycle

The transaction between two wheels and Mahindra Ltd has Dara Peugeot motorcycles instead of infusion 15 million euros to Peugeot motorcycles for projects implemented within the framework of partnership.

PAWANGOENKAThe CEO told to reporters that “The case is ongoing. We have hopes for work of literature has happened. I hope or end of January early February, we should be all capable of removing obstacles. But it really depends on these when obstacles are authorized, “Viren Popli Mahindra vehicles back wheels.

In answer to a question about what it would Mahindra place products under the agreement Mahindra-Peugeot, spoke that “I do not think it will create a Mahindra seems to Peugeot. I think we’re doing Peugeot Peugeot (products) Mahindra there Mahindra are products. ”


“Motorcycles Peugeot was the first of the two wheels in the world for motorized Carries. They have a long history. When you have a brand that So that way, you do not try to mess Trying of creating a brand. No must be a different position, “According to him. Mahindra Vehicles with two wheels was adapted for the segment of “mass” while Peugeot motorcycles for the premium segment, he said. Produce Motorcycles Peugeot scooters from 50cc to 400 cm3, said as by Mahindra.Mahindra Two Wheelers Expects to Complete Deal With Peugeot Motorcycle

Print and senior officers were there to launch the GUSTO scooterette in Tamil Nadu, you have to price Rs. 48,600 old room. Since launching in North enthusiasm, Mahindra two-wheeler sold 10,000 units.

According to Mahindra’s “A question about your product third, said the two wheels Launch Mahindra 300cc bike “Mojo”. Our next release of the product as we trabajando’re Mojo 300cc, once That is done, start going to close the gap 110cc to 300cc Between”.Mahindra Two Wheelers Expects to Complete Deal With Peugeot Motorcycle

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