Triumph Rocket X 2015 World’s best Cruiser

The world’s largest production motorcycle and engine latest Rocket III Roadster is the original rocket iii, but now builds on the tremendous performance with more torque.Triumph Rocket X 2015

2.3-liter 3-cylinder engine is designed to be easy to drive and kick, arm wrenching roar of its deadly but on the other hand also, intimidating. Makes available a rigid chassis, her sweet-handling structure and refined suspension you sweep through the corner and these can change direction with the Roadster’s size lies in the knowledge and confidence.

The black part III characteristic the most up-to-date rockets such as the radiator cowls, rear splash guard rails, airbox cover, showing the fork protectors and mirrors our Roadster was even more fearsome.Triumph Rocket X 2015

Not anything, though, should not be there to see the drive.

Since its launch in 2004 Triumph Rocket III has a place of relevance in the world of the bike since it is the model of production of higher capacity with its cylinder engine 2.294 cc and 221 Nm of torque at just 2,750 rpm. Now that 10 years of its commercial life Triumph has wanted to make it a tribute to the marketing of the Triumph Rocket X Limited Edition. They are 500 units of the conveniently custom Roadster version. It was presented at the EICMA 2014 and will be available in April for a peak, 20,725 euros VAT included.

Triumph Rocket X 2015

With the following specifics:

  • Paint Jet Black gloss with special treatment by 8 Ball.
  • Black exhaust.
  • Black dome.
  • Details in black as the handlebar, rear-view mirrors and the shift and brake levers.
  • Emblems Rocket X on the sides.
  • Special emblem Rocket X mounted on the oil tank.
  • Numbered plate.

You all who give an even more intimidating touch to this worthy of the same Terminator custom tweaks.


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