Kawasaki Versys 1000 2015 Test

buy Quetiapine and Seroquel The where can i buy prednisolone tablets for dogs in the uk Kawasaki Versys 1000 had a little missed its market entry in 2012 because of an aesthetic for the less specific… By 2015,

Kawasaki Versys 650

Kawasaki Versys 650 and Versys 1000 launch 2015

Kawasaki designers have revised their copy, and brought him some well felt changes. Thence to a star, there is more than one step
Initially, the idea of designing a large road trail on the technical basis of the Z 1000 roadster seemed preposterous. But as soon as on our first attempt, the Versys 1000 unveiled an entirely appropriate approval.
To the point that, faced with the Z 1000 SX, the hybrid had prevailed. Finally, the only true reproach that could make him remained its profile, and even his three forward quarter, no more harmonious.
At the salon of Cologne 2014, Kawasaki has created the surprise unveiling two new Versys. A more homogeneous and bus 650 than ever, and a largely redesigned 1000.
Asked on their central stand, just out of the workshop developed by Kawasaki Europe, the Versys 1000 2015 make us the eye and their new look is much more seductive than the Cyclops headlight of the previous generation.

Test Kawasaki Versys 100
Designers were inspired by the Kawasaki Z 1000 SX, to strengthen the Kawasaki filiation and the general dynamism of the Versys. It is successful, the General look of the big trail is sportier, less gross smelter. In return, the Versys 1000 becomes a consensus.
Daunting at the stop, reassuring while driving

For this test in Sicily, we have bikes in version free and equipped with many options: handguards, indicator report committed, top-case, suitcases. The Center stand however is part of the endowment of the 2015 vintage series.
Between its template and luggage complete, descend the Versys 1000 of this stand generates a bit of apprehension. It is same for the reverse operation, which is revealed in the end of almost disconcerting ease… suitcases and top empty box means. For the rest, the general clutter remains identical to the first generation and the big trail 4-cylinder keeps something intimidating at the stop.
The saddle has lost 5 mm peaking at 840 mm, but saw its width, it will not facilitate the task of the templates. Under 1.75 m, it is difficult to ask at least one foot flat. It is then the Versys 1000 and its 250 kg all full facts announced, without luggage strong the side stand. Less experienced have therefore nothing to be intimidated, but the Versys 1000 applies, in principle, to a clientele with thick motorcycle varnish.

Test Kawasaki Versys 100
The first meters give the smile and found this as imposing bike to stop that easy to take in hand and balanced at very low speed. With its long wheelbase (1,520 mm), and its naturally stable geometry (column of 27 ° angle), it quickly becomes very reassuring.
By 2015, it pampers still more his driver with a clutch control ultra soft thanks to the arrival of a slipping clutch limited, while the vibrations are attenuated by mounting the two front motor mounts on silent blocks. It only remains to rediscover the big four online 1043 cm3 as smooth as a pot of curd cheese not Lite.

The Bridgestone T30 him go well

Certainly, during this test, the luggage kit was not loaded and overweight in rear overhang is not really made to feel. The unbalance at low speed in changes of direction or heading at high speed maintenance does practically not suffered. What seen work operated on the part-cycle.
Extended 20 mm fork keeps 150 mm, however, it already generous travel but indented against the real big trails in 19 and 17-inch. The shock absorber has also undergone a revamp with a spring strengthened to better withstand the load. To the front and the rear, hydraulic laws were revised, with more flexible compression this time (approximately 30%).
And we must recognize that the already excellent comfort on the first Versys 1000 is still progressing.OK! damped suspension, however, also well constrained to limit the feedback ripples, the saddle still along with the best in the market, best vibration filtration and protection always high level despite the visually refine fork head, it is quite possible to shoot without any fatigue mile. Kawasaki Versys 1000
Ergonomics is typical of the big road trails: a raised position, wide handlebar offers an arm leverage and enough unfolded legs completes the sense of control comfortable. As a bonus, the Bridgestone T30 series bring more progressivity to the placing on the angle than previous Pirelli Scorpion Trail.A little less lively at the out break of the turn, the big Kawasaki becomes more regular in its inclination and the ground clearance limits are attained with better feedback. Especially, Bridgestone T30 should better join midrange in the wet at the generous times. Scorpion Trail often struggled in this case with a Skate pronounced, despite ensuring grain KTRC traction control. 4 °, alone on the foothills of Etna: the foot!

At midday, the Group of European journalists is allowed to leave procession to rally the base camp by GPS guidance, with several route possibilities. This freedom point being increasingly rare on press launches, we relish every mileage!
After 20 terminals across the Sicilian countryside, I take the wrong direction to go up on the foothills of Mount Etna. Stopped in a parking lot dotted with snow, I check the GPS: 44 kilometers too in the mountain. We are going down to the sea to find my way! The opportunity to push the bike on this route winding and absolutely deserted at this time of the year.
There, the new Kawasaki Versys 1000 shows that it has not lost its approval or performance in the fast paced coiled. the Combined with soft comfort and approval looks like a common, its waterlogged engine torque at midrange and very expressive to accelerate significantly contribute to the driving pleasure.

 Kawasaki Versys 1000
Surfing long enough reports, with Royal occasions between 3 500 and 7 500 rpm & if it exceeds 7500 RPM, the extension of the free version is for the less hearty! Almost unfathomable mountain unless you have good visibility.
The precision of piloting is also to go alongwith a faithful to look Guide however suspensions Bank shocks with brio. Certainly, the Versys 1000 is more stable that agile, but significant rigor and his side rail once wedged its trajectory reassures turning. Should just do not hang out to press the handlebar or the footrest in the pifs pafs, because the Versys big does not offer the same ability to improvise than a BMW R1200GS.

 Kawasaki Versys 1000
Balance: Healthy evolution of a relevant basis

End of the route, I find myself in coastal traffic. The elasticity of the engine joined the soft suspensions to overshadow this monotonous journey. Having regard to the width of the luggage storage kit, I moderate my cravings of interfile. Given the 7 ° ambient, the four-cylinder does not heat the thighs while the bubble placed in low position clears the view to the front and sides.
It is time to take stock and find gaps in this healthy evolution of an already relevant background… But while can we really blame the 1000 Kawasaki Versys 2015? Vibrations? Missed, they have almost disappeared. The absence of Center stand? She is now series… At most pestera against a massive template, a non-adjustable saddle height, compact suitcases but wide… Brief of defects menus next to the many qualities of the Versys 1000.
Sold 12 €699, it is positioning itself in competition for many models, either less expensive Yamaha MT – 09 draw or more expensive BMW S 1000 XR. And as the middle turns often pay.

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