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Yamaha MT – 09 Draw a Success Path Test

Here is the test of the Yamaha Tracer, 1stt factual declination of the MT-09 podium. With this road trail, Yamaha opens a new route to meet the needs of the travelers, however also sports travelers. Has the constructor of Iwata sufficiently reworked its roadster?

Yamaha MT - 09 Draw a Success Path Test

The Yamaha TDM has conquered thousands of motorcyclists, the different generations of Fazer as much and then Iwata somewhat asleep on its laurels during the first years of crisis in our modern era, before returning strong with the Master of Torque.

MT-09 immediately marked the spirits with its original line, its three cylinders in-line cleaner and its new ergonomics. And at the outset, Yamaha had announced that the roadster would mark the beginning of a new line which here is the second link: Yamaha MT – 09 draw.

A new world at the crossroads of many paths

In what category storing the trace? According to the Yamaha organization chart, it is supposed to be interrelated between TDM and Fazer8, with to extremes the Super Ténéré on one side and the R6 on the other… Yamaha intended it also very dynamic and versatile.

In fact, the plot blends into the new generation of very road trails: Triumph Tiger 800 XRx, the Kawasaki Versys 1000 or even Honda exceptional. And when equipped with its small optional semi rigid suitcases, it recalls late the turbulent KTM SMT 990. Sacred melting pot…

Compared to the MT-09, Yamaha has increased the volume of the tank (18 liters instead of 14) and strengthened back loop to accommodate more clientele passenger and light luggage. The handlebar, higher and wider, is also novel and saddle, extra wide also and adjustable from 845 to 860 mm.

Yamaha MT - 09 Draw a Success Path Test

A seat rather high in order to unfold the best legs of great templates without breaking the ground with footrests clearance too low. Morality, less than one metre 70 pilots will affect the soil as the tip of the toes. Yamaha probably could work more the arcade in the crotch: saddle showing wide enough in contact with the tank, the small templates will probably be delicacy during the stops.

But everything is not black no more. The Yamaha MT – 09 draw light remains, with 210 kg all complete actualities announced. A inductee of tranquility during engine off or at the time of so. Note in this regard that the Center stand turns easier to use than the side… the absence of ergot can annoy.

Once securely in place, there’s a quite different atmosphere from what is known on the MT-09: dress up, larger tank, scoreboard of Super Ténéré ZE, bubble adjustable, wide handlebar with hand protectors… we do have the impression to settle on a new bike. So much the better, Yamaha has already managed part of its bet that was to propose a new universe.

Yamaha MT - 09 Draw a Success Path Test

Rather sporting the plot

From the first meters, the plot reveals its pretty sporty positioning. There are some aspects of the roadster, like the very narrow plates through remote foot. If the accommodation has been reviewed upward, it feels very close to the steering column, like on a big supermotard.

The turning radius is short enough to sneak on a daily basis, but the centre of gravity and the saddle are higher than on the MT-09. Attention so when manoeuvrings at low speed – where the brake back to sit the bike – especially as a bad dosage of the clutch can stall you. Do we mean well in spite of everything: the MT – 09 draw remains a ballerina compared the big trails of 1 200 cm3.

Yamaha MT - 09 Draw a Success Path Test

Convenience, if all the commands fall beneath the fingers, not modifiable clutch lever remains identical distant. Due to very short branches, part of rear-view mirrors returns much better than the image of your shoulders.

It then long to see that the character of the three cylinder 847 CC has not sacrificed on the altar of versatility: two accelerations in second and a generous resumed third remind the ardour of this waterlogged engine force all plans! What traction control be switched off – but non-adjustable – confirms: it can easily trigger on dirty road.

Its entry into action is also not more transparent, because of the almost simultaneous ignition cut-off and injection. If you squeeze the handle at first from low revs, you will be entitled to an acceleration chopped by the CHT which seeks to retain motor skills while limiting the wheelie. Nevertheless, on the 250 kilometers from our course, traction control has tripped when has really sought it.

Yamaha MT - 09 Draw a Success Path Test

Well reworked suspensions

Another important point on which we were expecting Yamaha at the turn: the suspensions. The draw had to be better damped than the MT-09 because it is wanted more comfortable, suitable to the duo and supporting better to be charged. It is clear that Yamaha has worked well. Deflections are identical (137 mm) at the front, 130 mm in the rear, but the strengthening feels significantly.

MT – 09 draw works much better on small shocks, while containing the transfer of masses of honorably. Although the large holes are still very “copied” by the shock absorber, comfort remains preserved in 85% of cases. Yamaha probably could not do better with such kinematic of rear suspension.

Therefore, the compromise between precision and comfort rest really good level, the part-cycle making finally hand in large curves addressed to more than 160 km/h or rapid changes of support accompanied by a big net gas. In the first case, the MT – 09 draw varies significantly on its suspensions without really losing heading maintenance. In the second, it offloads forward and looking a little track.

Moreover, the D222 Dunlop’s series is are hardly shown performing during this grip: medium adhesion, long warm-up time, only the progressiveness to the placing on the corner was enough to give satisfaction. Finally, one can imagine that the plot bear use duo or solo loaded without too abundant difficulty and trouble. Those who want at any price a fit to the loaded duo motorcycle should however try a test to be convinced.

Yamaha MT - 09 Draw a Success Path Test

Master of Sport tourism

Over the miles, we have seen the progress made at the level of the ride by wire. More pleasant, the throttle grip offers a good feeling in terms of acceleration and torque transmission. Modes are also better managed, with a satisfactory approval for B or standard modes. Mode A remains synonymous with shock, even if the improvement is significant.

Between significant flexibility and torque always available at the 3-cylinders, banana is habitually draws on the face of the driver of this MT-09 draw, even if the selection deserved more creaminess. Not annoying in sports use, more in ride mode where it should be relying on the remarkable elasticity of the engine to prevent accidental changes in report.

Between two spots pictures, I raises and lowers the adjustable bubble. In the high position, she saves my helmet, which is already a good surprise account held its narrow form. In low position, the protection actually drops without completely disappearing. Average templates will no doubt find their account. Vibration remains bearable, while the saddle turns out to be just enough comfortable: nothing to do with the comfort of a Kawasaki Versys 1000 Pullman.

Yamaha MT - 09 Draw a Success Path Test

After 120 kilometers from wet roads or washer-dryers, we arrive at our second photo spot. Road that winds, bitumen in the Sun and dry, it takes not more to wake up the dark side of the force… and the young Anakin turns into Lord Vader. The Yamaha MT – 09 draw rushes to the rope turns and emerges as a ball thanks to its full ultra-motor. It was to monitor the adherence of the rear D222 and easily place the train before, often, for the next curve. Heck, ride removed rhythm, she has it in the blood!

Appraisal and Evaluation: More Fazer than TDM, Carton in Sight Nonetheless

We feared that Yamaha is merely to throw a shroud on its roadster MT-09 high to give birth to the draw: this is not the case! Efforts are numerous and clearly show that MT-09 has been designed from the outset with a real vocation for platform. With the draw, the comfort is increased, general accreditation also, with versatility exacerbated to the key.

Certainly, the cursor is more oriented towards sports tourism and the plot more Fazer as CT. Nevertheless, the overall package is really exciting, when you’re looking for a motorcycle also suitable for commuting to the moments of madness on your route of choice.

Not to spoil anything, staffing series turns out more than appreciable bubble, saddle and adjustable handlebar, ABS and TCS, hand guards, taken 12 volt, Centre stand at a time or many manufacturers focus on options to improve their margins.

Available in February 2015, the rate for the least aggressive € 9,999 or US$ 12,280, Yamaha MT – 09 draw should be evil on the French market. Yamaha projects elsewhere to import more plot to MT – 09 for 2015: OK!!! A sign that does not deceive…

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