Yamaha 250 WRF Winning Return Test 2015

After long years of waiting, the new generation of Yamaha WR 250 F is finally here! For his enduro 250 4 stroke Yamaha has revised its copy to 100% and intends WR -F, which has nothing to do with the previous model. New design, new engine, new chassis … New behavior? Told you everything!

Yamaha 250 WRF Winning Return Test 2015
Therefore, the time has get the new Yamaha WRF 250, enduro motorbike enthusiast brand finger boards anxiously awaited since 2007, and the appearance of the structure of aluminum, WR – F 250 remained blocked in terms of evolution. Mal straightened, the enduro 250 Yam radically modernized in 2015, everything is new. Lastly, one time more say! Yes and no….
If one speaks well of WRF 250 in it, Yes! But on the other hand, the technology used by this motorcycle Enduro is exactly the same as that used for the Cross of her another variant, YZ-F 250 2014. But, Yamaha YZF commissioned to transform to meet with the best Enduro practices.
Modified engine behavior, specific settings suspensions, and the longest. On paper reports is real promising, however the subtleties of marketing manners sometimes surprises book really expected to take the latest Yamaha WR250F in hand before you rejoice.

Yamaha 250 WRF Winning Return Test 2015

Airs of Crusade, but not too …Even before you ride.

Even before you ride the bike, it focuses on the changes in the WR – F, and I must say that the first report is positive. The Yamaha is manifested in a beautiful profile, details are kept, the bike seems well finished and has nothing of a cross motorcycle endurisee to VA soon.
The train Enduro is completed with the inclusion of an electric starter (Yamaha keeps your shot) and in the absence of translucent deposit, a reservation indicator electronic meter. Perhaps we may regret a bit restricted Enduro its fuel tank capacity is 7.5 liters.
In short, it is not the sensational, the 250 WRF 2015, but shows an overall quality that permeates seriously, without reproach or almost … Because the lack of hand protection is far from unnoticed while this test was carried out in a region where everything grows thorns fingers was complete.

High-performance, stable, But not very playful

It has two large loops in northern Sardinia, directed by Frans Verhoeven, excellent rally that has not forgotten its past enduriste and gives rhythm to this test, it really not the time to heat, must be the gas as already in the first few miles!
The good news is that very quickly found the right feeling fortunately, although I must say that the WR – F is not among small motorcycles. Imposes, yams, with their large gills and a right rear plate extending not bad. This is not too big, but not be against slightly more general smoothness.
Apart from this, you will have no problem finding the manual of instructions fall naturally under the fingers and toes. We note in passing that the footrests are themselves members: a little confusing at first, but at least it feels solid in its support without fear of resistance.
Fairly well as suspensions given in confidence. More comfortable than a motorcycle Cross, but not as flexible as some of its as competitors or match able, which filter out small sensible both shocks. It should be noted that staff had opted for excessive Yamaha Tyre order to avoid the risk of puncture. A small gap in the comfort as well, but from my point of view, a good compromise between the use of hiking and sports.

Yamaha 250 WRF Winning Return Test 2015
Although over-inflated tire, so the Yamaha been shown to find traction grip in rapidly changing fields. Back to zero on a rise, the rear wheel manages to hang out to continue his ascension. The damper is working well, but you can see that he is also assisted by the motor … The WR – F thus leads to the earth, stability gives you a sense of security that allows not understand when the field is degraded.
However, it lacks a little something this management level Yamaha. Although most playful of the older generation of WR F-based, we shall not say to mean it’s fun & easy to be fired. A minimum commitment to lead in the narrow and somewhat technical parts needed.A real enduro!
It is expected that most of the engine, and that is the real difference should be a cross bike. It was announced on the sheet and the good news, which is confirmed in practice! Yamaha’s work is not the eyes powder: WR -F lends itself perfectly to the practice of Enduro, starting with the motor behavior.

Yamaha 250 WRF Winning Return Test 2015
More explosive and not good round, the mill invites Yam wrap smoothly. Another advantage of constant low to high revs, the engine block does not support default. In short, an elastic motor and suits most driving styles. Although not conclusive, proved stronger.
We even tried to die very low in the towers for an excessive period of time, but even if it gives the feeling of being close to the meaning, WRF does not deliver and accept that the system of expenses. Traction is helped by unit damper motor / strength, power goes to the ground and effectively without waste.
Another point that makes you uncomfortable this new round 250 WRF: gearbox. A very good point that some competitors from Cross bikes are sometimes bleeding. Here, the staging of the reports is well thought out and intuitive, we have never met in between, regardless of the situation, the WRF has good speed in your inbox! We love spending emphasize the excellent impression that provides the clutch, another more when playing with the shift lever.

Yamaha 250 WRF Winning Return Test 2015
The mill shows so clearly in his favor, but nevertheless there is a concern in terms of sound. From an external point of view – seems even discreet enough to confirm its competitors – but for the controller itself. With its mechanical design and a filter to the suction noise before, permanent and slam valves in the hull tired very quickly. A detail, you will say, but for a long trip, it feels good when it stops.

Akrapovic equipped

Yamaha had also made available to us by the WRF equipped with an Akrapovic line 250. If no origin Yam ‘shows super exciting, but effective, it must mean that the line releases the heat of nowhere!
More fun and more solid at low speed, we can conclude more easily in the second report, it runs a bit more forgiving cabin errors. Warning, this is double-edged, and more explosive on a motorcycle tends to be more precisely error.
Pause to take command of a standard WRF, you feel like a failure. But that is mainly because we are hungry for big kids fun, any essential for Enduro tours and even online sports Akrapovic mainly for competitors and good news: if with it the Yamaha is inevitably a source of noise in the melted airbox Bicycle resonance!

Yamaha 250 WRF Winning Return Test 2015

Review: Back to the WRF 250 successfully!!!

You will understand that although very close to the YZ – F 250, 250 WRF 2015 is a true enduro bike. Therefore, Yamaha has succeeded! We appreciate including the engine, round, a workable and sufficient safe behavior. It’s a good cocktail and Enduro scene image is fully approved is added. Equipped with an electric starter, blue never hesitate to snort and retained serve was probably a good image for Enduro.

Yamaha 250 WRF  2015
Its chassis is not what is more comfortable, but again, the balance between flexibility and performance seems pretty good and everything is safe. The bike is stable, but the feasibility of this WR -F is not without its critics. We would like a little more fun and easy.
Finally, allow to talk about money now with good news! The advantage of a common platform, a new Enduro is obtained without raising rates: US$ 11,200 to Yamaha WR250F 2015. They say that you are given, but the blue is a notch below the competition .dropoff window The return of the WRF 250 is so popular, there are now only confirmed against the stars of the market!

I hope you got some new info about the Yamaha 250 WRF  2015 from this test. Let me know your views regarding this info in bellow.

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