2015 Yamaha T MAX 530

For 2015, Yamaha reviews slightly its TMAX 530, best seller category maxi scooter. As you do not change a winning team, it is by a few thoughtful touches that manufacturer fine-tunes its excellent base. Journal of detail between the Baux-de-Provence and the Saintes-Marie of the sea.

2015 Yamaha T MAX 530

200,000: it is the number of Yamaha TMAX sold worldwide since the placing on the market of the 500 in 2001 and in France, it is not less than 50 000 units that have elapsed. Sacred figure.

To continue to see prosper his best seller, Yamaha chose to tweak some details for 2015. On the menu: an inverted fork, front radial calipers, a restyled front and small attentions that should facilitate the daily.

In Damn, I did put the ignition key already? ” “Ohh yes it is true: there is most need. This sentence, we are many in have imposed it at least once during the presentation of the Yamaha TMAX 2015.

2015 Yamaha T MAX 530

Because one of the things that change this year on the maxi scooter Yamaha, it is the appearance of the encoded transponder Smart Key, unique for each TMAX. Just now to be in 1 meter maximum the scooter with the Smart Key in your pocket and press the starter to zoom twin. Practice. In place of the key switch is now a small round console of automotive inspiration. It has two buttons multifunction: engine cut-off, the saddle unlocking contentment when we laden arms: a small pressure and the Steering electric lock. Try the SmartKey, it is to adopt it!

2015 Yamaha T MAX 530

By the turn of the T – Max, other changes catch the eye. The bottom of the meter takes a bit of color and is adorned with a red backlight. A 12V supplied as standard plug made its appearance on the left on the deck, condemning the small drawer. Too bad.

Mirrors are gaining height to pass over those cars, which should change the lives of the followers of the interfile! Their form is too studied, more angular. Logical magnitude, the retro-vision victories a little efficiency. Another improvement, the optical block between in the digital age by adopting lighting full LED, with coupling of the two lighthouses for more efficiency. The nasty wart acting pilot disappears from the front cover for the benefit of two ribbons LED from strain optical, consequently Audi. The destructive look of the TMAX is strengthened and yet most recognizable remotely.

2015 Yamaha T MAX 530

A still more sport gear

But the biggest change to 2015 concerning the train front of maxi scooters to the tuning forks. Even if the former suffered slight disparagement, he was substituted in favour of extra sports and modern elements. The inverted 41 mm fork aims to increase rigidity and improve the behavior of maxi-scoot. The brake calipers are available a radial for even bigger competence and it changes what in actual life, you say? It washes whiter my good lady, as in the pub….

2015 Yamaha T MAX 530

Joking aside, having at hand the old and the new TMax, the comparison is immediate. First thing: touching road, safe and informative, does not change. Person will both complain the information back well! The new fork is better braked in hydraulics, without losing comfort: it delves less quickly in the event of sudden braking. It also allows finishing his braking very late in turning sporty driving.

2015 Yamaha T MAX 530

As for the brakes, if the power difference is not obvious, the bite is a little higher, but it especially the feeling which is increased: it even better master his braking for a determination to the micro hair of its action. This allows working the front tire and therefore delay the intervention of ABS, now comes in series.

Appraisal: The same, in almost second to none

Homogenous and sporty are the adjectives that come to mind when we think of Yamaha TMAX which, apart from a few details carefully reviewed, does not fundamentally change in 2015 but place the bar yet a cut above. Its engine is still as sharp and effective, to put some bikes to the acceleration. While linear dimmer requires, it offers a certain approval.

The road potential remains intact, thanks to the good protection and further improved and dynamic abilities. This creates it even improved armed to confront roads turns boosting the already formidable effectiveness of a level: the bleeding most of you will be delighted!

This Yamaha TMAX 2015 is ultimately very successful and competitors have more worries to be… even with a still pretty price of US$ 13,770, or even US$ 14,140 for declination Iron Max.

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