Marc Marquez imposes to Mees & Noyes in Superprestigio Dirt-Track 2014

Marc Marquez returned to talk about on the track which is theirs and ‘The Bullet’ Brad Baker on track by injury in training has been awarded the Superprestigio Dirt-Track 2014.

Superprestigio Dirt-Track 2014

In the Super final which pitted the best pilots the Superprestigio category and the Open category has beaten nothing more and nothing less than the current champion of the AMA Pro Flat Track Grand National, Jared Mees. Kenny Noyes, another specialist in the subject has completed such illustrious podium. The Americans have been in this specialty with Marquez, who prepared thoroughly in this case its moto with respect to the previous edition.

Marc Marquez has imposed on three of the four qualifiers for the Superfinal sleeves, while it Mees did the same with its three sets of the Open category facing specialists from that and other disciplines. Therefore at the end of a duel between the two was expected and in this case it was for Marquez by 3 tenths, without falling from through. Pity that Baker could not compete after getting hurt in the shoulder in training. That fight three more Kenny Noyes had given him more luster even to test 9,000 people followed live.

Superprestigio Dirt-Track 2014

Marc Márquez: I am very happy and I have much fun. I want to thank all the drivers who have participated in this second edition of Superprestigio Dirt Track. I am relieved to know that Brad (Baker) is well after the fall she suffered this morning. It is very important to assess the impact that you are getting this event, and the amount of public and media that brings. Before the Superfinal was quite nervous because I knew that Jared was very fast, but now I’m happy. Over the last year, what more improved has been at the controls of the bike, because when I was here in January, I realized that, for example, Brad Baker, had a few very specific adjustments of the bike, and this year I have worked with my team in this regard.

The good thing is that deepens the Superprestigio Dirt-Track and will make us a little more bearable the long winter without racing ahead.

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