Test Triumph Tiger 800 XCx Its A true Adventurer

Alongside the road version XRx, Triumph offers this year a declination adventure of its midsize trail: the Tiger 800. The XCx Suspensions to large deflections, elevated position, engine guards, ABS and traction control all terrain: this adventurer has – almost -nothing to envy to the most high displacement competitors

Aside from the road of the XRx test, Triumph invited us to continue testing its range trail midsize 2015 with the Tiger 800 XCx, on road and rolling paths. After a few kilometers on road, we arrive on the part dedicated to all-terrain, off-road as they say across the channel.

Triumph Tiger 800 XCx

And to tell all, after two loops around the photo spot, I run to the team Triumph: ‘ youcan leave me here and come back to pick me up late in the afternoon, I have not even want to go on the road!

Recognize that the first day of testing with the Tiger XRx resulted in well to trimming the global test. However, there are many aspects to discover with this XCx version whose ergonomics evolves significantly.

The saddle is higher and even adjustable from 840 to 860 mm, it does not facilitate access to less than 1, 75 M. With my 70 meter, it will take me to do with. The handlebar is enhanced with 14.5 mm compared to the older generation and especially higher and larger than the handlebars of the XRx.Triumph Tiger 800 XCx

WP suspension rub clean holes

Another notable point on the XCx Tiger: its signed WP and no longer Show suspension as on the previous generation. They have important travels 220 mm at the front, 215 mm at the rear and offer more possibilities for settings on the Tiger XRx.

Very quickly, there is that Triumph had been right to work with the subsidiary of PiererAG, both depreciation is effective. The WP elements erase holes, Digest of the rolling stones and absorb shocks with brio in the axis.

On the road, if they cause a transfer of masses a hair brake marked, they comprise much the consequence of “rocking horse” typical of the big trails adventurers. Hydraulics has been properly calibrated, but expected no less of the staff of test Triumph, who rarely lets this kind of “detail”.Triumph Tiger 800 XCx

ABS and traction control Off Road

While playing he who raises the most dust, there is a three cylinder 800 cm3 online and 95 horses has what it takes to make pass the front wheel rear wheel!

Fortunately, the electronic throttle has a metric determination and the triple Triumph proves to be very flexible on the first three reports. One will hardly more speed in any pass significantly coarse terrain and lastly, for a beginner wholesale trail adventurer, the presence of certain audience is actually relevant.

Switching to off-road mode immediately fits ABS and traction control to this practice: the ABS is more than on the front wheel and traction control allows more skating, sometimes useful to rotate the bike. From this point of view, the ABS Off Road seemed stunning, very effective in the dust! Traction control Off Road worthy can be still be more discreet, but it’s still very good nonetheless.Triumph Tiger 800 XCx

In addition, these audiences have proved effective with the Bridgestone Battle wing of origin that support only off-road use on soil dry. On the other hand, if one wants to change the audience in his own way, it is necessary to stop and navigate the menus available to the dashboard. As on the XRx, the operation is quite complex at first glance.Triumph Tiger 800 XCx

This, but controlled mass transfer

But ultimately, how many owners of Tiger 800 will go hiking in any field? Certainly nota majority. Also, the test drive also reveals the versatility of this bike. Well protected behind an already effective original bubble, protection climbed two notches for the bust with the bubble high protection. There, it is more far from bubbles of the bikes still more upscale.Triumph Tiger 800 XCx

Then it takes full advantage of the elastic ultra-charm of three cylinders, which resumes with conviction at all rpms. Between flexibility and the torque at low and substantial, there is way out of all situations, even when a powerful BMW X 5 94′s several reports to try to contain your overflow in side. Nothing exuberant side performance, but level approval, it’s almost a flawless except for the slight vibrations that propagate here from there.

The front wheel of 21 Front wheel 21 inches and the large deflections have, against all odds, all in all limited impact on dynamic behavior. The limit, the failover from one angle to another seemspractically more (round as say the English confreres) regular with the front wheel of 19of the Tiger XRx. Monte series certainly played its role. Similarly, the transfer of mass,given typed suspensions off-road, penalizes too much precision. And as a bonus, thepotholes will leave you no bad memory.

Conclusion: Unless you really want to a toggle

Sold from €11 290 version XC and €12 490 version GNB better equipped, the newTriumph Tiger 800 XC remains well family in the spirit of the big really versatile trailbetween road use and all terrain soft. A true traveler, worthy of the nickname of Africathat we gave in 2011. Therefore, overall, a technical and dynamic success except a fewtrifles.
Certainly, in 2011, the first Tiger 800 XC began at €9,990 without ABS, but the newTiger 800 GNB resolutely remains an excellent bike trails adventurers very providedcategory. Unless you want to absolutely transmission cardan with large displacements,it is frankly worth visiting.

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