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Bikes and Electric Scooters Outside Plan PIMA air 4

The naive who had thought that the introduction of the electric bikes in aid of Plan PIMA air 3 was the first stone for a reconciliation of the State with collective Biker was ready.
Bikes and Electric Scooters Outside Plan PIMA air 4
In the renewal of the Plan PIMA air 4 there is no longer a trace of electric motorcycles and mopeds electric, being only the pedal-assist bicycles assisted by electricity that remain in the plan. And that despite the fact that the endowment was pretty ridiculous, 500,000 euros in aid per unit only up to 600 euros.
The truth is that the behavior of the electric bikes on the market this 2014 is most troubling, because until November only have enrolled 352 units, 57% less than in the same period in 2013. Note that a hard there is town halls for new fleets. Despite that 2014 was the year that we finally began to see the large (at least European)motorcycle manufacturers interested in the segment with models like the BMW C Evolution  or the range of KTM Free ride.
The Government can hide behind that just it has been users who have benefited from the plan, but when you aid in many cases do not imply or 10% of the price of the bike cannot be said to be a particularly attractive incentive. Thinking of evil (and think evil)appears to a pretext to justify its refusal front to include the conventional bikes in Plaintive. A plan that would not take more than 3 million euros by the more than 100 million comprising the latest plans PIVE.
Bikes and Electric Scooters Outside Plan PIMA air 4
It must be taken into account by normal general compared the bikes are faster(therefore needed less time with them to the same path), consume less and are cleaner than a car, especially in town. And it is precisely in the cities where European legislation is getting tougher with the subject of emissions, even with the threat of heavy fines in cities such as Madrid. Benefits of electric bikes have been very appropriate in the field of urban and only a more attractive price is needed to give them a boost. Something that clearly are not willing to pay from this Government,while raised then the inverted through the associated taxes.
That Yes, the photo with the champions of MotoGP which is missing. Country.

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