Yamaha XV950 Yard Built Mouse Killer by Walz

XV950 Yamaha Yamaha XV950 test is the outpostprogram customization custom Yard Built andtherefore continue to arrive at a good paceinterpretations of the model on the part of the bestinternational trainers.

Yamaha XV950 Yard Built

German Marcus Walz hasbecome ‘The mouse killer’, with the simplicity and theelements Café racer as key points.

These are its specifics, always respecting the engineand chassis of the original model but with a specialtaste for details and a sportier driving position:

  • Sub-frame and swingarm extended custom.
  • Rear LED lights integrated into the chassis.
  • Retro dome around the optical round.
  • Personalized with vinyl Racing.
  • Leather seat.
  • Colin Café racer.
  • Recessed front fork.
  • Öhlins rear shock absorber .
  • Magnesium by Marvic wheels.
  • Ploughshare LSL.
  • Instrumentation Moto Gadget.
  • Clutch and brake levers specific.
  • Exhaust SC-Project.
  • As simple as complex.

In garages around the proprietary world dream of creating your own custom motorcycle. We seek to enable is asking customizers bicycle with talent to provide inspiring ideas about how to transform the modern models of Yamaha in what we have called’Special built Yard.’

Then, once they have achieved the goal, each Builderis given the opportunity to produce unique aftermarket kits and sell them to customers of Yamaha- allowing those who one time that only he dreamed of building your own special to fulfil his ambition.

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