Yamaha E-vino 2014 world’s Best Motorcycle

The Japanese manufacturer began selling electric scooters Yamaha e-Vino 2015 in the Taiwan market, and at a very affordable price of 58,500 Taiwan dollars (about 1,500 euros or 1,890 dollars).Yamaha E-vino 2015

Why Yamaha has chosen Taiwan? It’s very simple. In this country annually sold 700,000 motorcycles and scooters, of which 10 000 – is 50 cc mopeds (insurers writes small electric scooters in the same category). Thus, from these 10,000 about 70% of electric scooters.

Does not live only Yamaha produce ‘Yamahas R1’ art. It also has to give out products for emerging markets as this peculiar Yamaha E-Vino 2014. An electric version of this modest scooter designed for girls is notable for a ‘chic’ design with integrated basket and seat two-seater, in addition to a benefit for the city.

Yamaha E-vino 2015

The modest electric motor is associated with a portable 50V lithium-ion battery and six kilos in weight, which guarantees a maximum of 33 kilometers autonomy. Taking into account that the maximum speed with the Boost function is 44 km/h and the motorcycle dry weight is 66 kilos already you can glimpse the use that can be given to this model. Recharge time is 3 hours, so the limitations are obvious.

The part cycle also is more fair, with its 10 inch wheels and drum brakes in both axes. He is appreciated so that I cannot go faster. The positive point is the price, since despite being electric out 58.500 Taiwanese dollars, only 1,500 euros to change.

Features of Yamaha e-Vino

  • Chassis, developed on the basis of Yamaha EC-03
  • A large luggage space
  • Cruising range of 30 km (+ can install additional battery under the saddle) with driver average weight of 55 kg (for Taiwan’s enough, but for the US and Europe need to think about upgrading)
  • Boost-mode (increase performance in a serious increase in energy consumption)

In 2015, Yamaha aims to sell 2,000 units. e-Vino. If successful, Electric motorcycles and scooters will supply the world market.

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