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2015 Triumph Rocket X Special Edition

2015 Triumph Rocket X Special Edition

For 2015, Triumph would give a blow of projector on his flagship, unveiling in Milan the Triumph Rocket X Special Edition. On this occasion, and to celebrate the 10th anniversary of his arrival on the market, the big nasty roadster of her Majesty enjoys a painting special, enhanced with an edging carefully handmade by 8 Ball, in order to make unique each of the 500 copies intended for sale.2015 Triumph Rocket X Special Edition

In addition, the exhaust double pipe, the head of frouche, handlebar, mirrors so that five-spoke wheels are benefiting, too, a black hue mate highlighting even more the side Bad Girl from the English. A badge at the level of the sides as well as a unique identification plate will allow to give to this Rocket X SE this small side limited series that many bikers are fond of.2015 Triumph Rocket X Special Edition

Triumph called the “Rocket” for a reason, acting on the handle and is worth to him to be the celebration with force, since it starts up like its namesake through bigger manufacture of around engine, the 2294cc Triumph Rocket III offers a claimed 163 lb.-ft. of torque at just 2,750 rpm. There is no other bike like him, which is evident by the bikes that we have faced to him against the past few years, from a Rune to a v-Max for the Diavel, and straight line the Rocket never had a problem holding their own despite III its size.

Now in its tenth year of production, Triumph celebrated the occasion with a limited edition of one of the motorcycles baddest of all cruiser called only the 2015 Rocket X. There will be 500, each with a numbered side panel and a billet aluminum “Rocket name logo X”mounted on the oil tank. One stripe race clean custom runs along the bike, defense to defense, contrasting the black paint and components, its mirrors and handlebar tubes.2015 Triumph Rocket X Special Edition

The painting is, without a doubt it is worth mentioning. Triumph sought help from specialists in 8-Ball that created an effect of aluminium brushed silver striping. Triumph says this was achieved by removing again the tank and fender first before grinding eddies on the bare metal. Then striped tanks and rockets X logo is lined out before applying the ‘Jet Black’ base layer, followed by a layer of transparent varnish. This is left to dry for two days before the six layers of lacquer are anointed above. The painting was then polished and let stand for a couple of days before being polished to a high shine again. The routine ensures that each X rocket is a bit different than the other 499.2015 Triumph Rocket X Special Edition

Other features of the Rocket X limited edition include a small black screen March above the lighthouse, levers black, and five-spoke wheels and aluminum alloy touched with a silver Pinstripe hand painted black. Large dual exhaust pipes are topped with a coat of high-temperature resistant paint. Double bug-eye headlights are signs signature Triumph.