Suzuki RM-Z 450 Enduro and RM-Z 250 Valenti 2015

It’s going jogging next year between special banners with the new Suzuki Valenti. This is our first contact with the 250 and RM-Z 450 Enduro 2015 motorcycle Cross certified, still distributed by Euroboost, and ready to fall into the lap Enduro.

Suzuki RM-Z 450 Enduro  and RM-Z 250 Valenti 2015

Already well received last year for their real return on the French market through distributor Euroboost, Suzuki Valenti answered the call again with 250 and RM-Z 450 Enduro 2015.

We remember, these bikes are derived directly from the Cross Suzuki RM-Z range, but pass in the Italian workshops Valenti to be modified to receive their approval, sesame essential for use in Enduro.

The RM-Z Enduro therefore follow the trend of Cross, namely a 250 that does not change significantly and 450 which receives its share of changes, without it necessarily seen from the outside. Engines, electronics, frame, fork air … Anyway, it does not hurt to move the RM-Z 450 Enduro!

It takes a trained eye to distinguish the 250 from the 450 RM-Z at first glance. Racing presented here in their release, Valenti are equipped with Akrapovic silencer, a simplified wiring harness, a meter of hand guards and a skid plate. In short, just the basics for Enduro use, with a little bonus not necessarily aesthetic: the reinforcement of the rear fender.

Suzuki RM-Z 450 Enduro  and RM-Z 250 Valenti 2015

The most glaring difference between the two Suzuki, is actually at the fork if the RM 250-ZE retains its classic Showa SFF 450 adopts a model Air betrayed by the additional air tank at the foot of tube law. Another distinction, our test RMZ 250 is equipped with an automatic clutch Rekluse, Euroboost against a proposed US$ 864 option.

The ergonomics are quite similar, with a slight advantage to the 250 more slender than its big sister. Both bikes are intended rather welcoming, remains the damn low and curved handlebars that break wrists while standing. Not insurmountable, but I confess a slight overdose of the handlebar Suzuki found each from Ricky Carmichael era or from about 6 or 7 years…

Neither bike does not have an electric starter, but we must say that the efforts to improve the Suzuki kick start paying are: 250 and 450 are turned on without having to ruin the health beyond reason. The debate is opened with the RMZ 250 Enduro that will show more to his advantage in the early laps. The small 4-stroke is handy and playful, is fun to shoot straight to his handlebars.

The fork was less strong than in the past and very effective when it comes to driving fast in the holes. The damper is also very effective and goes perfectly the power to the ground.

Suzuki RM-Z 450 Enduro  and RM-Z 250 Valenti 2015

If the front and rear do not really attract criticism on our special test, a more comfortable start of the race will probably be very valuable when typing in the real Enduro amid roots … Without putting 100% confidence in his driver, it must be said that the overall behavior of the chassis is very healthy.

Passing on the 450, the sound changes significantly bell. More vicious, it was much harder to let go his handlebars. Blame it on a very steep front that does not necessarily prompt to push his braking into the holes. Probably the frame stiffness and strength of the fork does not mix.

With more difficulty to seek the bike was a little hard to appreciate the work of the damper, as in 250, appears effective but seems minus relaxed. In brief, for a long daytrip with the Suzuki RM-Z 450 Valenti, some suspension settings are required. Once touched, there is no doubt that well-balanced and easy to handle chassis will prove to his advantage. Motor side, you have to share things with the RM-Z 250 Enduro which is now recalling with a Rekluse clutch. The system still eats power, but we must say that the RM-Z 250 accept pretty well. He has the strength and safe this small mill Suzuki ‘, no doubt!

Suzuki RM-Z 450 Enduro  and RM-Z 250 Valenti 2015

The times on the second and third reports are strong, we can afford to tackle some climbs slowly or even stop in the middle, and boost mechanics on a light throttle, the 250 Valenti up endlessly. Rekluse thank you!

But what is rather pleasant crossing with this clutch – it should be confirmed on a real trail – is not really special. The bike is completely sanitized and does not respond to reminders to the clutch, especially a setting not quite optimal triggers freewheeling at any time. A little disingenuous at the end of a straight line…

On the 450, however, the engine from the outset marks its territory and makes us understand what it has to respond to requests! It is rather round and linear, but still retains a little punchy side that will delight the most seasoned. The couple is present; we feel that the power goes to the ground. Really not bad for a special attack, the mill is able to roll on the upper report. However, a slightly softer behavior would undoubtedly significant for the ride on Sunday. Good news, vibration far very present in the foot appears blurred.

Conclusion: Some competitors with the Suzuki Valenti

We’ll start not put side’s weaknesses of the Suzuki RM-Z 250 Valenti Enduro with a Rekluse clutch missing a bit of development to be fully functional. No big deal, just annoying part of our test… You must be a follower of this system that I would reveal its full potential ride and crossing. On a special test or a Cross, it is certainly effective but also very frustrating to have no feeling with the clutch lever. In short, each his own.

Besides that, the compact chassis of the 250 RM-Z allows you to feel comfortable: Bright and handy, a toy. Suspensions deserve a little more flexibility in the early compression; it would perhaps feel even more confident that it is already.

The Suzuki RM-Z 450 Valenti Enduro, for its part, is still a beefy motorcycle! It’s very homogeneous mill can be adapted to all driving styles, although a little less velocity would not spare his refusal to enduro.

The downside of the 450 is its cruel discomfort, especially at the front who suddenly tend to move into the holes. A shame because we feel that the case has real potential, likely with a low center of gravity to be as homogeneous and pass around the engine.

In summary, here are two Enduro bikes tailored for performance that have a place to slam the special scratch and Motocross. The 250, which already had an engine full of safe, beautiful with predispositions Enduro, gets a little more forward with progress suspensions level. 450 combines the consistency and performance, but a passage through the suspension settings box is required.

From a hike for the RMZ Valenti will have to prove. Price side, there is an increase for both models: US$ 11,520 for the RM-Z 250 Valenti and US$ 11,770 RM-Z 450 Valenti, both version Racing.

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