Yamaha XVS 1300 Custom Stryker : Hunt Test

Caster angle 34 degrees, uninhibited aesthetic, long fork arm as an MP. No doubt the 1300 Yamaha Stryker is designed to show off a chopper and go hunting on lands Harley Dyna Wide Glide. But beyond that, what about when it comes, incidentally, to ride?

Yamaha XVS 1300 Custom Stryker : Hunt Test

THIS MOTORCYCLE, who is she? It’s a chopper, baby. The chopper, who is he?  Zed’s.  Who’s Zed? It was a poor guy. It is hell to now. “In Pulp Fiction, Butch may well have had a bad day, dried a guy in the ring, have been stalked by killers, shot a guy in jalopy then cut another katana before leaving the last at the hands of Mr Marsellus for a torture session “to the medieval flame well,” yet he knows perfectly the difference between a motorcycle and a chopper.

Why? Because beyond a vaguely common DNA helix (2 wheels, a motor, a handle), and a chopper motorcycle does not have much to see. At the one hand, a machine for whatever its category, to facilitate (although to different degrees) displacements of its owner. The other, a device designed primarily for eyeful, even what his agility seriously tarnished.


Yamaha understood this perfectly with its new Stryker (well, not so new since it is available in the USA for three years). Certainly less extreme in its dimensions as confi dential productions Saxon Motorcycle, it does still not in half measures with a rake angle 34 ° (about ten degrees warmer than a conventional bike) a rear tire of 210 mm and a wheelbase of 1.75 meters (6 inches longer than the 1300 Midnight Star, it’s very close cousin).

In reading these figures, we think quite spontaneously to a barge. Visiting the craft, however we quickly forget channels Marne au Rhin to dive right in Las Vegas. Because it is unashamedly that pure Japanese-American soybean cheek. Tart painting, teardrop tank, cylinder head covers and chrome fins engine, radiator concealed water, Yamaha signed discreetly affixed obviously twin V: with rifle seen and reviewed codes, everything is done to maintain the illusion or confusion (during our driving, numerous onlookers attracted by the Yam ALL have asked us if it was a new Harley)

Yamaha XVS 1300 Custom Stryker : Hunt Test

For originality, it will board (there a few years ago, Honda with its 1300 Fury, was able to cope better on this point). However, it is recognized, as is often the Yamaha customs, a very decent level of finish. Admittedly, it is not at a Harley knowing – well – playing surface treatments and material effects, but the paint is flattering, the cooling system and the harness well hidden, tachometer rather elegant (a downside to the digital window too narrow) and found satisfaction with some touches that make life easier on board: the controls of the remote display on the handlebars (Harley does too) or the fuel cap certainly NH (as in HD), but locked.

All this to say in regard to the template of the machine, it is not too bad installed on board, 670 mm from the ground with legs certainly very forward, but relatively near the handlebars. Handlebars up, a far cry wheel: needless to say, with this bias, precision of the front cannot be waiting for you, especially the rear and 210 mm wide, do not help . From the first meters, we understand that dynamically, it is not going to have too much to ask that Stryker trajectories can be very rounded (which has the effect not to bite too within 135 mm of ground clearance) and driving requires constant attention because of the inertia generated by the big two, the rich weight of the unit (293 kg fully fueled) and a direction that tends to “fall” at low speed.

Yamaha XVS 1300 Custom Stryker : Hunt Test


On a straight, well-paved road, it is not a problem. City and uneven asphalt, the bride might be up like a stolen motorcycle, the seduction operation goes quickly to the domestic dispute, not helped, moreover, by sinking a little at ease with fast cuts . Sure, a chopper, it’s also an engine. And it is true that the Yamaha 1300 is rather well-born.

Reasonably powerful, but especially torquey (10.5 kgm at 3000 rev / min), it is capable of original vocals rather flattering despite its compliance with standards (again, Harley did better on this side here, but especially when her twins are passed stage 1, not exactly street legal). And if he knocks at low speed and suffer a little dry injection (probable effect of an air-fuel mixture lean to meet emissions standards), it pulls strong and let’s not ask to a box standards custom type (read slow and noisy).Yamaha XVS 1300 Custom Stryker : Hunt Test

In short, it does a good job of custom block. Without excessive zeal, but. History to finish on an enthusiastic note that the brakes are very properly their job despite the presence of a single front disc is convened. That said, unless you choose a chopper for brakes for the line. Those to whom this Yamaha Stryker has caught the eye will surely darken concessions and will not give them wrong: the machine keeps its promises, as they are atypical. For our part, even if he is condemned to rot in hell, well you would key to Z.

Verdict Moto Revue: In a less obvious than it appears (to design a chopper both extravagant and public), Yamaha is doing well, but without genius or originality. Is the price, much more reasonable than the competition directly affected (the Harley Dyna Wide Glide affi Chee US$20,355). But the chopper segment, the reason she really citizenship?

Yamaha XVS 1300 Custom Stryker

• + 170 km / h

• 72 hp

• 10.5 mkg

• 293 kg fully fueled

• US$ 13,825

• Colours: red-orange, black

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