Kymco K-XCT 125i / 300i ABS 2014

Not the king in sales nor intended to be, this post is for the Kymco Super Dink, both version 125 and 300 cc. But sales of around 40% of the flagship model corroborate the need for a sports GT scooter as the KXCT and to meet the demand, is now featured on ABS version.

Kymco K-XCT 125i / 300i ABS 2014
Kymco KXCT 300i ABS

Versions with ABS have an extra $505 for 125 cc and $570 for the 300cc, so the final price of the KXCT 125i ABS stays at US$ 4545 and US$ 5605 in 300, one year insurance and theft insurance included. In Super Dink sales versions with and without ABS are roughly matched in 125cc, but 300cc version the vast majority of sales are from ABS. As it is clear that it was necessary to incorporate this safety system in the KXCT.

Kymco K-XCT 125i / 300i ABS 2014
As in the Xciting 400 (Kymco Xciting 400i ABS test) was chosen Bosch ABS 9, the best of the German brand for motorcycles. It is a compact, light weight and small size, which has been designed specifically for motorcycles. It is capable of generating up to 20 cycles per second, resulting in a higher reaction rate and less trepidation in handles. It is independent for each wheel, does not share parts with the Super Dink (this mounts the Bosch ABS 8) and has been calibrated to be very little intrusive and jump as late as possible.

Kymco K-XCT 125i / 300i ABS 2014

Kymco sells the KXCT ABS in white, blue and gray existing but adds exclusive to this version, Red Nucleus with matte finish (Spain is the first country to commercialize that color). Otherwise it is similar to the version without ABS, so here I leave the evidence of these versions:
Test Kymco KXCT 125i
Test Kymco KXCT 300i
Contact Proof Kymco KXCT 125i
Contact Proof Kymco KXCT 300i

Dynamic test Kymco KXCT ABS

We are at the controls of KXCT, an old acquaintance for us, but this time with ABS anti-lock brakes. To learn more about the dynamic behavior in general I refer back to test depth of 125 and 300 cc versions without ABS, now let’s focus in the section on brakes, which is what changes in this release.

Kymco K-XCT 125i / 300i ABS 2014
First and foremost is a truism, with ABS the wheels do not lock under heavy braking, which can save us from falling over, especially when grip conditions are not good, or is it an emergency stop in that anchor stripsunceremoniously knowing that you can go down.

The ABS version also has a braking dose able

Dry performance is outstanding, takes to jump and allows strong decelerations before reaching act. Obviously the rear jumps before because the weight is loaded on the front and rear wheel stays loose, so with ABS you take unnecessary scares, squeaks thugs’ and lengthen tire life and transmission. When the ABS kicks in you feel the pulses on the handle, they are quick and sudden nothing. The KXCT without ABS has a powerful braking, maybe unpocodemasiado’ if your mind is not racing, the ABS changed a little touch, but still powerful and less abrupt braking is best dosed.

Kymco K-XCT 125i / 300i ABS 2014
It has not rained on the road, but we found a few trickles of water that we have used to step on braking hard just the opposite of what would in normal driving. The result has been positive, maintaining control, which is what it is.
For $505 or US$570 you have an important safety extra and never think that you do not need it, even the most experienced pilot can go to the ground in an emergency stop at an unexpected. Excluding possible injury accounts beam damage in a fall at 40 km / h, it sure is more expensive to fix the mess to pay the price difference of ABS and avoided the fall.

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