Ducati Scrambler Thai Sauce (Update)

It has nothing to do with the last recipe which is at Marmiton and even less of a preparation made with basis on the Scrambler In fact, according to an informant, Thailand is the place of manufacture of the new bike…

Ducati Scrambler Thai Sauce (Update)

There are four years, Ducati opened a manufacturing plant in Thailand to manufacture motorcycles for the markets of Southeast Asia especially to a little more attractive price of labour is necessarily cheaper.

And the first machine Bolonaise out lines from this famous plant is none other than the Scrambler. A motorcycle Palms in the style, but modern in the devices used. According to our sources, if engines and frames will be still built in the factory of Ducati in Borgo Panigale, which will be sent to Thailand to join all the other parts of the Scrambler and continue with the final Assembly of this giant puzzle.Ducati Scrambler Thai Sauce

Therefore, to understand better why the Italian company offers a rate as aggressive son Scrambler Although everything is relative. In fact, if it was estimated at around €10,000 are selling price when she learned of his release, his recent presentation at the fair in Cologne -Germany, assured us that its entry-level price would released on €8.590 Ducati red icon. Is Ducati the negotiation of the next few months? The future will tell by asphaltandrubber.com

Update 29/10: In case of contact with the French branch of the brand for the clarification of this issue, it turns out that models for different Asian markets and the United States market met in Thailand. However, the models that will be sold on European soil will be well-assembled Borga Panigale-Italy.

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