Moto GP: Reactions of Drivers on Sepang Circuit

Here are the main statements of the drivers at the end of the 17th meeting of the season on the Sepang circuit, theatre of the return to grace of Marc Márquez after a beautiful battle with Valentino Rossi.

Moto GP: Reactions of Drivers on Sepang Circuit


Marc Marquez:

“I’m really happy with my race. The strongest opponent was the climate, it was really hot! It was difficult. At the beginning I was a little concerned by the tires length and life, particularly for the race. I was not very good in the first corner but I soon started to double other drivers. I am well income and I am very happy to reconnect with the victory. I tied the record of Mick Doohan and with still a race maybe I’ll be able to beat it! If I had a awful result, I would have more stress at Valencia. Now I am unrestricted from to Valencia, I’ll have to do a high-quality race for my admirer and try to make me happy! I will give everything I have luck at Alex.

Valentino Rossi Said:

“I am very happy with this 2nd place. It is a in reality significant result, we had assortment of problem this weekend but we managed to settle the bike during the warmup. I hadn’t been for tests; In May 2010, I could not push 100%. It was a long time that I was not finished on the platform. I be aware of liking for that circuit and it is immense to have succeeded. I fought with Jorge at the beginning and it was my goal because we are fighting for second place in the Championship. After that, I had a good rhythm and I fought with Márquez for the victory but tires began to falter and Márquez had something more. I had to slow down so that he was able to continue at the same pace but it’s still an excellent result. We now have twice as many wins and podiums last year, the season has been excellent.

According to Jorge Lorenzo:

“The conditions were extremely not easy during all weekend. I here had never also burning in Malaysia. I was not at my best because the training was lighter indecent weeks. I was still on my bike and she had high-quality grip and the 1st turns was very exciting and I was strong on the 1st encircling. Valentino Rossi was extremely proficient and I then could not keep on with them. He did a great job and I lost a little with stiff tire. We also had a trouble through the tank, incredible is Hogue and I slid onward to braking.

Andrea Dovizioso Said:

“I had problems with the engine whenever I opened the gas. I hope that this issue will serve to improve things for next year. We are still happy with the way my race progressed because we knew that being in the top four would be extremely hard. We completed good work on this weekend, growing gathering by gathering to make the majority of the motorbike. However I had a good cadence. It was +ive because it is a track that is very difficult.

CAL Crutchlow Thoughts:

“I am very disappointed because I knew that we had a very good rhythm for the race. During the warm-up this morning, we had realized that we had a good pace on worn tires and I was certain to be able to fight for fourth place. But it is the race. We had an electrical problem because of the engine gone off. I’ll try to forget this disappointment and in Valencia concentrate on the last race, everywhere I will give the utmost to acquire a high-quality result.

Bradley Smith Shared:

“It is an excellent result for us today after a race that has been very hard and an overall complicated weekend. We were never really there where we wanted during the trials and qualify third row do not facilitated us the task. However, finish at twenty-seconds of the leader and in fifth place is a high-quality consequence. However the race was extremely physically hard although we train to with stand such conditions. The team did a great job and this fifth place after my podium last week allows me to complete the tour a +ive memo overseas. It would have pleasant to brutal circle through Stefan for the two additional points for fourth place but I had given everything and I had more nothing. Now we hope tonight for a result similar to the last two on our return to Europe to take sixth place in the Championship

According to Pol Espargaro:

“The race was very hard. In addition to having been very bad yesterday later than my plunge, I had overlooked the 4th performing session and meet the criteria; the 2nd meeting took position on soaked track. I was so very little information about to get ready for the race contest. We came here two times throughout the pré-sais

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