MV Agusta 800 Dragster RR Test

After 800 Dragster, MV Agusta offers more ostentatious, more efficient, and more exotic with the RR Dragster. Further enriched equipment and high-end, the MV Agusta RR 800 Dragster technically innovative with a motor carried 140 horses in a free world and the shifter down and it sends.

MV Agusta 800 Dragster RR Test

Open visor, I look up to enjoy the typical atmosphere of Tuscan villages: the ocher color of buildings, wrought iron balconies, laundry hanging from the windows, la dolce vita … what I drive less than 30 km / h without taking too much attention to what happens before.

Suddenly, a donkey out of nowhere and the direction of my mount to my attention that more sharply, while in the sleeping policeman down the wooden saddle just kick the rear end me. Boy, it is not good to be nonchalant riding the MV Agusta Brutale 800 RR Dragster! For a bit, I’d spread me.

Agusta Meant to be seen

It is here, the paradox of this bike: the Dragster RR wants more urban, or for sport ride on small road, but ultimately it is more demanding than most sports roadsters, including Brutale 800. And quite unexpected positioning is ultimately a quality almost because you never get bored with his handlebars.

MV Agusta 800 Dragster RR

First, when you take the look, we must recognize that throws the RR. And the attention to detail abound: Kineo incredible rim, half adjustable handlebars spacing well designed, perfect integration of the steering damper, fork beautiful rays on rainy days, you can spend hours looking at her. Certainly, there is even some wandering, but hey hoses.

 Hybrid ergonomics, comfort Bench

The interface is identical to that of the standard Dragster. Nothing strange, it does not induce a lot of support for the forearm and limit movement in the saddle. One feels compelled to quickly drive sitting still, much like the KTM 690 Duke which locks the seat, the basin.

The footrests are always ultra short, but the plates do not obstruct the movement as a Ducati Monster 821. The 200 mm rear tire is worrying for the grip, but once again, Pirelli perfectly able to draw its Diablo Rosso II to limit, but not eradicate, the roly effect. In the end, the grip requires some attention, even if the MV Agusta RR Dragster is undeniably slight.

MV Agusta 800 Dragster RR Test

 Agusta’s 140 hp for Trepistoni, that cause!

Clearly, between the ultra firm seats, dry suspensions, the engine heats, the protruding mirrors prohibiting interfile and radius turning very average, everyday use will not be easy. But the MV Agusta RR Dragster is primarily a motorcycle passion, and occasional recreational use.

So Cap on small roads of Tuscany. Here, the engine reveals a satisfactory flexibility, and you can cross a village less than 50 km / h in sixth. Certainly, the three cylinder in-line did appreciate much in these conditions. Although it is advertised more torque in this version RR, he clearly prefers driving dynamics.

MV Agusta 800 Dragster RR Test

Wide open in the first gas, the front wheel off the shifter immediately and leaves no dead time in this hot boiler which, 140 horsepower version here (not bad for a 800 cm3!), Has something décoiffer Stéphane Bern! From 4000 rev / min, it has an almost unparalleled vividness in the production and climbs without inertia in the midrange. Up to 7000 rev / min, the thrust is plentiful, beyond the draw is full of rage: a lot of roadsters 1000 are spaced!

This description is valid for mapping Sport, but even in “normal” mode, the performance is very high. Few motorcycles grow as the Dragster RR. Approval side, we really cannot talk about torquey engine or round: it is a stick of dynamite now very well controlled by a ride-by-wire throttle impeccable, optimized injection.

MV Agusta 800 Dragster RR

What a long way since the first Brutale 800 in verbose blows and even better, it seems that the Rivale, frankly already developed. No, definitely, the engine admits wind at half speed, but turns into attack mode.

 A shifter down quite relevant to the use

The MV Agusta Dragster RR is equipped as standard with the new version of MV Agusta shifter, which allows downshifting in Sport mode or Custom from 30 km / h only. Specifically, it allows shifter up and down reports without using the clutch. On the way up, this is not really new. Slightly catchy and the selector box with large clearance marry quite well with the accessory.

On the way down, accreditation is real. Shifting is quite effective if only one print franc movement of the ankle. Surprisingly, the transition from second to first showed no sign of anti-mechanical stress. The operation is quite soft. However, falling three reports at once before a turn requires decomposing the movement of the ankle, while an authoritarian hair.

MV Agusta 800 Dragster RR

In fact, thanks to the slipper clutch, it’s almost quicker to downshift manually, but the shifter down to the MV Agusta RR Dragster is more relevant on this bike than the BMW R 1200 RT for example.

And it shows that MV Agusta perseveres in this technical solution after an unconvincing start on F4RR. In short, it’s pretty well done and it adds spice and exotic flight.

 MV Agusta has A rigorous log

With this engine, the chassis had to be ultra careful. This is the case, undeniably. However, the approval and effectiveness depend heavily on the quality of the coating.

On a pool table, the MV Agusta RR Dragster has a very specific behavior. Rigid, firm suspension, it is placed well on corner entry and the big rear tire finally pretty much follows suit. Snitches-sausages serve only require a bit of physical engagement.

Braking is impressive performance, at least in the front because the rear element is a bit lazy. The new suspensions (Marzocchi full aluminum high performance ZF Sachs), bring a lot of hand holding rigorous course or on the stability curve.

MV Agusta 800 Dragster RR stability curve

In contrast, poor surface, the displacements announced 125 mm 50 mm appear! And between chassis rigidity, sports geometry, suspension firmness, the RR Street Dragster easily over bumps! The steering damper, set the hardest, is not further from the figurative to the acceleration in these conditions.

Fortunately, with 168 kg dry announced their way to catch dangerous situations. Stop stop, we take a winding road, rolling, with turns to open exit and upholstered. The MV Agusta RR Dragster becomes enjoyable with its engine management reduces the third and screams until his rage up to 13 000 r / min. really unreasonable, but so good.

Review: Versatile as a Ferrari convertible

The MV Agusta RR Dragster has little rational. MV Agusta is a new kind, which differs in style as to the conduct of sporting brand. No question chrono here, but raw acceleration sensations.

With its three-cylinder increased to 140 horsepower, the Dragster RR shows devilishly effective. There are these bikes that accelerate hard without know: there is just the opposite. The chassis, accurate and ultra firm requires to stay tuned, not to be surprised by a connection made ​​full angle for example.

Sold US$ 20,640, it does not speak to everyone, even if MV Agusta provides him a little honest career given the excellent sales of the standard Dragster: already more than 2000 units sold worldwide, a very good figure for the small token of Varese.

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