Ducati Scrambler Thai Sauce

It has nothing to do with the last recipe found on Marmiton and even less from a preparation made ​​based on the Scrambler … In fact, according to an informant, Thailand is the place of manufacture of the new bike.

Ducati Scrambler Thai Sauce
There four years, Ducati opened the doors of a manufacturing plant in Thailand to manufacture motorcycles for the Asian markets of South East and especially to a little more attractive as prices for labor is necessarily cheaper.

And the first machine Bolonaise out assembly lines of this famous plant is none other than the Scrambler. A motorcycle neo-retro in style, but modern in the devices used. According to our sources, if the engines and frames will still be built at the Ducati factory in Borgo Panigale, they will be shipped to Thailand to join all other parts of the Scrambler and thus continue the final assembly of this giant puzzle.

Ducati Scrambler Thai Sauce

Frames and engines for the Scrambler still will be built in the Borgo Panigale Ducati factory, and then will be sent to Thailand to mount, along with all other parts of the Scrambler. It should be noted that Ducati already outsourced many of its construction parts, so the factory of Bologna is really only producing engines and frames, and then mount the rest of the motorcycle on its assembly line. Much of that process then really changing for Thai workers to do the job, rather than the Italian workers, it is a matter of debate, although we’d like to answer with “not much”.?Ducati Scrambler Thai Sauce

Thus, we understand better why the Italian company offers a Scrambler if its aggressive price (although everything is relative). Indeed, if we estimated at around US$ 12,665 are selling price when we got wind of its release, his recent presentation at the show in Cologne (Germany) assured us that its entry-level price would posted at US$ 10,885 (Icon red Ducati). Ducati is the bargain of the next few months? The future will tell …

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