EICMA 2015 Which new Honda in Milan ?

EICMA: A bit stingy when new Intermot show in Cologne, Honda is expected to catch up EICMA in Milan. Warning: this vintage 2015 should reserve some surprises, although some renewals are expected. EICMA 2015 Which new Honda in Milan
We have recently learned, the 2015 vintage of Honda should be less rich in innovation than previous ones and we must recognize variations between platforms CB500 and NC750, and cruisers of a new genus (CTX 700 and 1300), the world’s No. 1 has not been idle
Just take a walk in the database Honda Moto-testing station for realizing. The VFR 800 F had also been our thousandth try! However, if in 2015, we will test fewer Honda models, future trials will certainly be very popular. Here are the new features that you will probably discover the Station!

Honda CRF 1000 Rallye Africa Twin: We hope light

It should be – and somewhere, hopefully – LA Honda novelty of this show in Milan 2014 A preview with great pomp, pile in the country behind the rumor of the return of the daughter of the desert . This highly anticipated 1000 Rallye CRF or XR 1000 Africa Twin, should expand the range Honda trail. But how she positioned attorneys in a family already provided?
It will probably be more sporty than the current VFR 1200 X Crosstourer and Crossrunner new VFR 800 X. We therefore imagine more equipped for off-road: long-stroke suspension, wheels 21 and 17 and even 18-inch off-road ABS uncoupled or partially detachable (rear). Moreover, powered by a V-twin toned enough, it will have the line: 240 kg fully fueled maximum audited as a BMW F 800 GS Adventure.

Honda RCV 1000: Digne down the RC30

Maybe not she ser yet quite ready for the Milan show, but the future sports upscale Honda could be revealed during the year 2015 long imagined, much awaited by a network failure Motorcycle people dream, this 1000 Honda RCV drive could use a V4 in homage to the famous RC30. It would be an ideal base for the WSBK and MotoGP future regulation.
For Honda, it’s time to return to the center stage of Superbike replica because the European and Japanese competition is fierce and the results show the World that it is time to renew the technical basis. Still, since 2008, the crisis is over there and design a motorcycle that costs millions of dollars to sell a few thousand copies is no longer the top priority of the giant Honda.

Honda CBR 300 R: Because of Competition

Honda has trusted the CBR 250 R to attract amateur sporting small displacement, but the competition has increased with the arrival of the KTM RC 390 and the future Yamaha YZF R3. The little CBR 250 R can no longer rely little on its ease and price. Favorable arguments conscious customers of their bank accounts, but for others … also replacing the CBR 250 R with the new 300 could help, provided they make not too much shade to CBR 500 R.

Honda CB 800 F Hornet: Patience – Patience

Eagerly awaited, mourned by a part of the network, the hypothetical CB 800 F Hornet should not be part of the Milan festival. The year 2015 will still prolong the CB 600 F Hornet, dying and only available on stock. For the network, we should now try to offer the CB 650 F sports clients, but the task is complex because the costume sports roadster is too wide for the middle size also available for beginners category A2.

Honda ST 1300: Crashed renewal

Again, according to our information, the pool of customers GT Honda will have to be patient. 2015 will not mark the revival of Pan European. Today, for a manufacturer like Honda, return to this window means it will reach the level or do better, Yamaha and BMW. The latter is very well fitted to the GT segment. So, it is unthinkable to miss his return. 2016, probably.

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