Husqvarna 250 Factory FC test 2014

The World MX indicate and marks marks the return of Husqvarna 2014 on the front of the stage Return, we must, among other Romain Febvre, the third place final MX2 riding his FC 250 Factory, after a dense season interrupted by bursts of shots and we’re lucky, we could test this Husky factory.Husqvarna 250 Factory FC test 2014

After that the Red Bull KTM Factory Kegums, go towards Valkenswaard, Netherlands mythical circuit of sand for a presentation of the official Championship of the world of Motocross Husqvarna 2014.

Currently honor the HVA 250 FC Romain Febvre, third in MX2 World Championship for the champion of the Grand Prix of Brazil 2014. At our disposal also the second officer of the Team Husky managed by Jacky Martens, the 250 FC Aleksandr Tonkov. A rather nice rolling perspective as well!

Not is a KTM test! Whether it be trucks and motorcycles to support HVA, not abbreviation of KTM, orange is prohibited! The staff is informed; We will never hear the name of the Austrian company during this test. Burly men will do their utmost to deflect questions about the link between KTM and Husqvarna.

Well, obviously not be fooled: some details, in fact is the same as bicycles, engines and WP KTM factory Husqvarna suspension from the same workshop as the KTM. Jacky Martens, recognized for its expertise in development, however, can provide a personal touch on some points.Husqvarna 250 Factory FC test 2014

The Husqvarna factory accessories are quite successful, I was very aware of in a straight line of a competition to find a bike service! Blue anodized aluminum parts are everywhere: t-shirts, concentrators, oil cap, brake caliper bracket… It is simple, everything that is orange on a blue KTM is an HVA!

Carbon made all the sauces and protects many rudiments of HVA, however, we see an excellent piece of these bikes with a rear frame 100% absolutely beautiful carbon. Also releverons detail HVA Febvre and Tonkov: STF3 triple clamps have a system X anti-twist, exclusive team Wilvo Nestaan.

Ends with F4.1 FMF titanium exhaust: apart from the stickers, is this item going to differentiate the 2 HVA factory, being collector Romain Febvre much more time than Tonkov.

Place the test now! We focus more clearly on the motorcycle Romain Febvre, 250 HR Tonkov serving mainly as a comparison because, as you will discover, there are some marked differences between the two Husky.

Thinner between the ankles, not between your legs

In the saddle, which is very close to the ergonomics of a standard FC 250 Husqvarna. The geometry of the structure does not change; the framework is still original, while the rear carbon loop has the same dimensions that the series plastic part.

However, the saddle is much harder and more rounded than the original. Add to that the links between back of loop thinner ankles through the use of carbon, and HVA seems thinner between the legs. This only applies when driving as sitting standing, the width of the gills is the same, and always gives the feeling of an impressive additional Japanese motorcycle and even an Austrian.

Husqvarna 250 Factory FC test 2014

The driving of the motorcycle Febvre position has a slightly curved handlebar instead set back and levers that link a bit down. Tonkov has the same handlebar, but further back and parallel with ground controls.

Perfect Agreement

We are going to give a trial run on the circuit of Valkenswaard! The grip of 461 250 HR number is very natural, neutral position, front and rear of agreement in the work. Dutch field isn’t really stoned, but we realize that the suspensions offer some comfort.

It is not as flexible as the KTM 250 SX-F Jordi Tixier, but it is very significant. Climbing seem to copy with firmness that we see now. Relaxation seems fairly free, especially in the front with a fork that enters the holes instead of braking quickly. The bike is very strong, we stand with precision without having to force its management to choose his whereabouts.

The bike is Aleksandr Tonkov different suspensions are much more flexible in the first third of the race and more stronger and much more. Operation which is not unpleasant, either: small bumps are deleted and when it hits hard that they feel now that the HVA 59 in cash. The bike is more stable under braking and moves less, but is a little less than 250 players of FC Romain.

Husqvarna 250 Factory FC test 2014

Beefier and more demonstrative, the engine is more fun. If the bike Romain, we can break the support sand, Tonkov with that, they are completely destroyed. Not necessarily more efficient, but enjoyable! The extension is less engine thrust: it happens a lot faster in the turns, so the bike quickly saturates.Husqvarna 250 Factory FC test 2014

Conclusion: Performance and homogeneity mix!

It is time to bring the bike Husqvarna stand, not without regret because I really really enjoyed his handlebars. Finally it is far from extravagant motorcycle, it is almost in the normality of common drivers league.

Except that the suspensions forgive much, the damper provides implausible grip, the motorcycle is sturdier than the original, the engine runs abundant sturdier ubiquitously. Well, actually we go into alternative world, but motorcycle Romain, homogeneous, is really easy to coax.

Tonkov is that of a little more exclusive, but it is not elitist to the point of not understanding the manual. Basically, we do not find major fault on these bikes, but I confess that the gills width is a little overdone for my taste. Sitting or elongating the forward foot, I have the sensation to spread disproportionately legs.Husqvarna 250 Factory FC test 2014

Finally passing the day on Husky, you end up quickly forget and ergonomics make this carefree. Short powerful motorcycles that may not have seen the last of play leading roles in World MX2, all we can count on to take Jacky Martens young talent on the front of the stage.

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