Marc Márquez’s Mistakes Made Him World’s Valued

It is the fashionable man in MotoGP and is poised to legend. Marc Márquez is already the youngest champion in the history of MotoGP and aims to make a splash as the greatest motorcycle in the premier class. Currently reviewing this interview with his team.

Marc Márquez world's champion

gyrally Do I close a World Cup is more difficult to get 10 wins in a row?

The truth is that the errors in these last few races have made ​​me appreciate more having won the World Cup because the first part of the season was very good, but seemed to not want to be. I have committed a fault, perhaps caused by an excess of confidence knowing that it had a significant margin. Those victories have allowed me the luxury of risking a little more than usual. But here was very clear that he wanted to win the title and end at home was Honda, which is also very nice.

Betong You earned 4 Championships in 5 years. Do you have the impression that your life goes by so fast?

I think I do not realize it. outstandingly, I am enjoying that instant moments for the reason that you by no means know what will happen tomorrow. We have won the title and have to hold, as we do with every victory. It’s very nice to share with the team.

Marc Márquez world's champion

buy prednisone 1 mg The Question that how you engaged lots titles in your career?

Obviously each title is special, everyone has their moments. The 125cc I prefer to be the first and it always very excited. Also, to put it more difficult, I had to be in the last race. The Moto2 was pleased and a speck of anger for what had happened the previous year, with a five-month injury. The 1st year of MotoGP was a gigantic revelation that would be the first course and it last title is thank to Honda, which left me bring all my team and my fans has made the ambiance in the box was great.

What you’ve improved from last year?

Trying to improve in all features, however it is right that I have personalized a great deal better to the package ‘Moto-pilot’. We have developed a chassis more focused on our driving style and that has helped me to focus more on improving the pilot, and not so much on the bike itself.

Marc Márquez world's champion

How you’ll face the remaining races of the championship?

I meet them with the mindset to enjoy. I know there is a runner at stake and others will give up, but I will focus on doing my best and savor every stroke.

How are you going to find the motivation to renew the title next season?

You take the motivation of all parties, especially the fact that I did well one year. You try to keep the same line, progress, and the team also pushes you.

Will he win the World Moto3 Alex?

That tries! I will help and give all possible encouragement. Above all we must take all the pressure; for the reason that you guide the championship contest is a foremost burden. Will be important to leave him alone, so you can manage it well, but I know from experience that the championship is very long and in three races can happen.

Marc Márquez world's champion

What are your plans for winter break?

I have not thought of yet! I did not want to waste your time with other things, I just wanted to focus on the championship.

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