SYM Offers Two New Motorcycles “Wolf 300 and Classic Café Racer”

It’s all about synchronization with bicycles, and sym. The Taiwanese company SYM unveils two new bikes to the attention of the holders of the European A2 license, the Wolf 300 Classic and Cafe Racer.

SYM new motorcycles Wolf 300 and Classic Café Racer

Not could have drawn attention better. It is an attempt to go retro; the Taiwanese company has presented two new A-2 bicycles friendly to be released next year.

Both bikes are powered by a 278cc single-cylinder liquid-cooled. This is the mono already known about the Wolf 250, the 249cc, bored out to 278cc. It develops modest power 27.1cv. net, fuel tank a maximum speed of 87miles per hour and 27.1 CV. The classic feature 300Wolf and Cafe Racer seat boxes of six-speed gearbox and a seat of 792mm with a hump.

The top speed of 300 Wolf Classic and Cafe Racer is publicized at 87m/h, about 140kmph. The gearbox offers 6- reports.

SYM new motorcycles Wolf 300 and Classic Café Racer 2015

Each model has a fuel tank of 15 liters. The seat rises to 792mm. The dry weight is 169kg to. The tires are sized to match the performance of the vehicle, AV 110/70 R17 and 140/70 R17 rear.

For now, this is all the information we got. These models will probably marketed in Switzerland by 2015 we will confirm the information as soon as possible.

Wolf 300 models are a little heavy, but definitely easy on the eyes. We are here, at Motorbike Times we keep our peeled for more updates ahead of its launch next year and we will make sure that always informed of any developments as and when we get them.

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