Combination Leather IXON Pulsar Air  Full Flexibility

Practice track or just want arsouiller safely requires the purchase of a leather combination, one or two pieces. Today, we turn towards the French firm IXON located in Macon.

Leather IXON Pulsar Air  Full Flexibility

Equipping is not an easy task, as the choice is vast. But also, the fact that prices can vary from one to three depending on the materials and the reputation of the manufacturer. In recent years, IXON offers in its catalog Pulsar Air combination. The combination IXON Pulsar Air features a look razzle-l’oeil and a multitude of colors more pleasing to the eye. The racing spirit is alive and well.

IXON chose to leave on full leather-grained (1.2 to 1.6mm), combined with stretch panels for the crotch and under-the-arm. The connection between the parts is ensured by triple stitching, a guarantee of safety in the event of a fall. In this regard, many competing manufacturers settle for nothing but double seam. As the name indicates “Air”, the perforated leather inserts torso, thighs and sleeves. A real advantage of hot weather!

Internal protections shoulders, elbows and knees are CE approved. External thermoformed plastic protections on the shoulders and elbows (not interchangeable) ensure a little extra security. We regret the lack of protection on the hips.

Leather IXON Pulsar Air  Full Flexibility

Leather flex is present in the lower back and knees, with the aim of promoting freedom of movement. An aerodynamic hump is also present; the latter can be replaced by a camelback for longer rides.

The closure of the chest is provided by a ratchet closure, as the wrist closure. The assembly is secured with Velcro tabs. The comfort is present with a hem this neoprene around the neck and wrists; irritation will be a bad memory. The closure of the boots is also ensured by closing rack. Gloves or boots spend carefree!

IXON also thought the hygiene of drivers by providing a combi its lining (polyester) detachable, therefore washable. And as this lining is very soft, threading the combination will more easily.

Driving mode:

Once threaded, you’ll feel like a fighting cock. The combination is perfectly adjusted for thin and medium sizes. Some bikers just wrapped may be cramped and will eventually move on an additional size.

When driving, it is flawless! Leather is an exemplary flexibility and perforations ideally play their part. At no time and in different types of machine (supersport, roadster and supermoto) I did not feel creases or pinching. The finish is in the high average; I forgive him then the coarse adjustment of shoulder pads.

Leather IXON Pulsar Air  Full Flexibility


Change its wheels combi? A breeze with combinaisonPulsar Air.


The combi IXON Air Pulsar was very efficient and pleasant during this season rolling and especially this summer, as the perforated leather does its job. Its look and colors (eight in number), its quality, but above its price (CHF 799.-) make it a model should not be overlooked when it comes to buying a leather one-piece suit. Besides, it’s good, Christmas is coming.


On a test store, also ask you to sit on a bike similar to yours to see if you feel comfortable! A test stand is good; Test driving position is better!

IXON the brand is imported by Switzerland Redpointgear.

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