2015 Indian New Motorcycle Range

It moves from the side of Indian for 2015 years after it was obtained by Polaris, this looks that the U.S brand of eighty candles take a new lease and we like that. It is on the Intermot show that the new landed, although there were quite a preview on the canvas, especially on the Indian Scout, inspired straight from other than Burt Munro flew on Bonneville in 1967. A brief overview.

2015 Indian New Motorcycle Range

Indian Scout

It starts with the one we heard most obviously. I refer to the Indian Scout. It is emerging as the smallest and lightest of the range (255 pounds in running). Certainly at the level of look, she knows how to please and charm. While we are far from the classic lines whose brand has accustomed us, but it showed that Indian knows how to move while keeping his mind.

2015 Indian New Motorcycle Range

The Scout features a V-Twin 69ci of 1133cm3 liquid cooling. This little gem can reach 100 horses all round for a couple of 98Nm at 5900 r / min. On the chassis, it will appear as the lightest in its class and a low seat height (643 mm) and for the comfort monotube rear shock. Available to the ABS as standard on this model is appreciated.

For those interested, the Scout will be available in January 2015 in black, red, matte black and matte gray. Without even trying we like the price also: 12,990 euros.

Indian Raodmaster

For this we pass the cut above. The Raodmaster addresses a public traveler. This is a motorcycle that was manufactured from 1947 to 1953 and was promoted at the time as the most comfortable and reliable of his time machine. Any program that runs an enormous challenge to the new generation.

Indian has decided to use only premium materials for the production of this model. With the list, 143 liters of waterproof storage including two side bags and one rigid rear trunk quick release. While the central lock. Electric adjustable windscreen, heated grips with 10 temperature levels, the seats are heated and there is an adjustable air deflector in the lower fairings  and that’s not all, of the

2015 Indian New Motorcycle Rangeelectronic equipment we have:

Here are some unique features

  •    Antilock brake
  •    “Highway Bar” Front and Rear Chrome
  •    Monitoring System Tire Pressure
  •    Keyless ignition
  •    Remote locking saddlebags
  •    Three supply ports
  •    Lighthouse LED lighting
  •    Electronic speed control
  •    Bluetooth for hands-free kit

and to pull it off, the Roadmaster features the Thunder Stroke 1811 111 cm. No info on the power at the moment, but we hope to have more than 100 as a weight in working order 421 pounds, he’s going to have to just under.

The Indian will however be available from December 2014 at the price of US$ 35,456. The colors are black, two-tone red / cream and red.

The remainder of the range

Indian Chief for the series, no big change for 2015 except for the arrival of two-tone color for all three machines in December 2014:

  Indian Chief Vintage 2015:

  •   Indian Motorcycle Red and Black Thunder (black and red)
  •   Indian Motorcycle Red and Ivory Cream ( cream and red)
  •   Willow Green and Ivory Cream  (cream and green)

  Indian Chief Classic 2015:

  •   Indian Motorcycle Red and Black Thunder (black and red)

  Indian Chieftain 2015:

  •   Indian Motorcycle Red and Black Thunder (black and red)
  •   Indian Motorcycle Red and Ivory Cream (cream and red)
  •   Springfield Blue and Ivory Cream (cream and blue)

I hope you enjoyed to know about the Indian New Motorcycle Rang for 2015.

Let me know your views regarding this infor about the 2015 Indian Motorcycles in bellow comments corner.

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