2015 SYM Joymax Sport 125 ABS

The war for having the maxi 125 cc more balanced market continues for market demand and SYM launches its bet on the 2014 Intermot Show SYM Joymax ABS Sport 125 2015 This sportier version of 125 cc is not only affected in its design but also on the performance and efficiency of your engine and more equipment.

2015 SYM Joymax Sport 125 ABS

In terms of aesthetics the SYM Joymax 125 Sport ABS has cut the front and smoked dome, besides eliminating the passenger backrest and include inserts in red in the wings of the tires, as the logos ‘Sport’ and Couture dual seat. Details that are eclipsed to know that this release includes an update to its 125 cc single-cylinder engine that gets up to 15 hp and is fitted with a Start & Stop system as standard.

The result is a more powerful and more efficient scooter, because the brand is estimated to have reduced consumption and emissions by 12%. To complete the set also comes standard ABS brakes Bosch 9M generation. Will it be a super sales? If the number of images provided by the complex mark.2015 SYM Joymax Sport 125 ABS

The Taiwanese company SYM celebrates 60 years in the German Intermot Show showing a sporty version based on Gran Turismo scooter Joymax 125 In addition to a renewed more aggressive look, comes fully equipped as standard with ABS brakes generation Bosch system idling stop “stop & Start” and a motor for 15 hp that are declared.

The Joymax evolve in the 2015 version of this sport which is characterized by a comprehensive black color, short smoking nonpartisans and sporty red living present at the siege of tire logo on the side skirts Sport Coat, upholstered seat double stitched embroidery logo and model in respaldodel driver (ignores the passenger backrest).2015 SYM Joymax Sport 125 ABS

However, the typical austerity showing sports models has an exception in this version of Joymax as it comes “tiled to the ceiling” with ABS braking entrusted to the latest generation of modulators of low weight and volume of the German specialist Bosch (9M also employ older siblings Maxsym 400 and 600 cc), and the system stop idling “Stop & Start” self development Creek engine when it is idling more than three seconds, and then re-launch instantly when the system detects that the throttle is turned.

But perhaps the most anticipated of this Joymax is to review the mechanical water-cooled 4-valve cylinder head with new components and new electronics that improve performance by raising its strength to the limit of 15 CV. Even with this, the new Joymax improves levels of pollutant emissions and fuel consumption by reducing them by 12% compared to the standard, which is currently marketed.

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