Interview with Jorge Martin Rookies Cup Winner 

Jorge Martin Almoguera (29 January 1998) is present these days to be the first Spanish able to win the Red Bull Rookies Cup 2014 and be in this hope for the Aspar Team with Mahindra Moto3 World.

Interview with Jorge Martin Rookies Cup Winner 

She lives in a humble family in the suburb of San Sebastian for los Reyes, a not conducive to aspire to reach the world of motorcycling environment. However through sacrifice, talent and a very good head yet get a dream for others has had an easier path. Expectant before the 2015 season makes us a place to talk about a difficult past, a bright present and a promising future.
Champion of the Red Bull Rookies Cup and Aspar star signing for the Moto3 world in the same week, you’ve digested your dream to compete in the world?

Yes, for me it was not so much at once because he knew what the world a few days ago, but it is true that I was almost a whole week without sleep thinking about it, I’m very happy and hope that everything goes well.
In your case, yes you can talk you’ve come exclusively talent being of Madrid, Spanish and limited financial support. At any time you’ve hesitated to reach for these reasons?
Obviously it has cost us more than the rest, sometimes I’ve come to think it was not going to go, but based scholarships both the Cradle of Champions and Rookies Cup we have been up stairs to get here. Earlier this year I had a lot of pressure because I knew I had to win or yes, but I could get along and I managed to take the championship.

Interview with Jorge Martin Rookies Cup Winner 

How were those early years before reaching the Rookies Cup?

Well I was younger and I did not realize about the effort they were making my parents for him to run the following season, a big part of my career was in the cot where I’ve been a scholarship five years, and apart was cheap to run and had a high level. I was fast and was always ahead but for one reason or other did not have much luck really during those days.

They have not given anything, what would you say to all those kids who like you have started on this as soon as the bikes?

I would say that it is very difficult but above all have fun, take advantage every time they ride a bike and to work hard for it.
We have seen cases in the past of great promise who do very well at lower levels and then diluted by the wrong choice of equipment in the world. What does it mean for you to debut on the world from the hand of Aspar?
Nor do I believe and hope that this is my case, I’ve always done well on every bike I’ve climbed, and climb the world with such a pointer and nearby equipment such as Aspar is extra help. I know it will be hard, but learn a lot and I’m sure I’ll fight in the leading group.
You can also spend Hanika, who you know well, be in a top team and things do not go your first year.

Interview with Jorge Martin Rookies Cup Winner 

Does it make a special pressure?

Not at all, I’ve already talked to the team and to start them have told me that the first year I do not want to put any goals, give 100% and that’s what I’ll do. Give it up to me every time you leave a trail.
You come to the world with Mahindra, a bike that you know the CEV if somewhat limited to date in power, do you think that will be enough to compete head to head with Honda and KTM official?
I do not know what will change the KTM or Honda, but I do know that Mahindra is hard, are keen to do well the bike. We have much work to do this off season, but I’m sure we’ll get to Qatar as strong as the rest.

What is the real goal that you set yourself for the season? Do you have any marking from the computer?

None from the team, my goal is to learn as much as I can in 2015 to do well in 2016, I would be in the points from the first race and fight in the lead group during the season, but no rush.
You have competed three years in the Rookies Cup and some races in the CEV, which do you think is the best platform to reach the world?

For someone without resources, as in my case, the Rookies Cup.’s The only place where bikes are equal see who is the best, while no money in the CEV can not have a competitive bike to fight for win. What is true in the CEV if you have a competitive bike can learn a lot with telemetry and teamwork, which in the end is what is done in the world. For me the two championships are very level and both are good platforms for learning.

Interview with Jorge Martin Rookies Cup Winner 
What do you prefer, winning a solo career as a motorcycle going higher in the CEV or finishing second in a race with six riders contested mechanically equal and in the Rookies Cup?
By prefer the former, but ultimately did not get any satisfaction. Being second, fighting to the last turn, makes you better as a pilot, because you know that the next will have to give more of you to win and that makes you better.
As is now mounted motorcycling, are supplies in many cases the lack of talent with resources for training? Do you get angry do not have the resources or other’re psyched about it?
Man who trains a person makes that ability to ride a motorcycle better, while a talented driver who does not train, makes that talent does not develop. In my case I train enough to go fast, but if entrenase more, would dawn.
How would you define yourself as a driver? Technically? ¿Aggressive? Are the two things?
Technical and thin I am, so I’m well on both dry and water. Besides if you ever need to be aggressive career I am also, so I consider myself a complete driver, but especially a pilot head. I do things when and how to do them, I do not get mad if a race did not go well or something.

Interview with Jorge Martin Rookies Cup Winner 

Why did you choose the 88 YOUR dorsal reference?

My father was 88 when he played the RACE and ran when I was born he had so I put myself. Although it had not been him, I would have taken it, it’s a number that I really like.
Any idol in the world of two wheels? Do you look at other drivers to improve?
My idol has always been and will be Valentino Rossi. Yes it is true that I look at things drawn and pilots the world, but do not change much with what I do. I do not think you get to the point only to see them improve on TV, if I bring its telemetry and we compare could improve more.
While you are young, do you throw street bikes or both wheels only better for the circuit?
The street I also like, but I stand because I know they are much more dangerous, but you do not depend on the cars going around. Maybe in the future I remove the card.

A Wish for Jorge Martin 2015

Well I hope everything goes well, and a desire would be to make a podium during the season. Cross your fingers does not help much so we have to work hard for it.

All the luck in the world for George in 2015, who met the challenge of reaching the world now it is something difficult to progress in it. You can follow him on Twitter (@ 88jorgemartin) and Facebook.

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