Dark Dog Moto Tour 2014 Stage 6 – Thierry progressing

This step will lead the 6th DDMT the magnificent complex of Ales circuit. A place that allows you to indulge in many disciplines, track enduro through the trial or the rally.

Dark Dog Moto Tour 2014 Stage 6

Thierry Tomasino continues to rise in the rankings, but must deal with a tire goes not necessarily to his liking. Nevertheless, progress is present and we can only congratulate him.

Below is the story of the day on Friday

We went to Albi with a short 4km link to the cathedral to take the real start. In the process, thirty kilometers brings us to the base clock.

I take the start and trying to set me on 55km / h, several changes in direction are followed and suddenly I see a scooter gone long before I arrive in reverse at full speed and then I began to wonder questions about the path I took.

I stand by my idea and pursue it for about 10km. Comes together a little rough roads with lots of gravel and I finally see the end cell. I limit the damage by taking only 9 tenths of penalty. 276km between us so Ales, the first part is done in a thick fog with many turns and many small gravel roads. I’m doing pretty well and finally arrived at the gas station. I find Julien, another Swiss rider and decided to make the last 140 km together.

This last part is not easy as the roads are very narrow, sometimes very degraded and very tight turns. We arrive at the Pôle Mécanique carefree and there a long wait ahead of us, we must wait in the sun for the start of the special. We try to visualize the route but not easy. I’m not gone yet and there are already many falls.

Departure is launched on the speed circuit backwards, the rear tire recall the order but I’m pretty happy, I who do not necessarily like the track. I go to three-fourths of the circuit to direct me to the rally and there is a roller coaster track, it goes down, it goes up, right, left, everything is revealed at the last moment.

At the end of a climbing turn, follows a descent with a direct right I do not know, I brake emergency and wanting to leave, and I hold the bike slightly and then take me my leg no longer force to restrain then I put it gently to the ground. The time of the meet, she does not want to start, then I understand that it is the drop sensor that gets involved, so I switch, turns and go again, but I lost many seconds because I am the 87th time.

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