Yamaha 01 GEN Concept

YAMAHA just introduced this concept of three-wheeled leaning called ’01 GEN’.

Details are thin on the ground, but Yamaha call it a’inside and outside crossover’, where ‘ “on and off”refers to the unique maneuverability of the vehicle price and inherent ability to cross a variety of terrains, both inside and outside of the road.

Yamaha 01 Gen Concept

The rear wheel of the tape is driven and although there are a number of powers have been mentioned, I would like to venture a sure answer that will produce more than the recently launched Yamaha 11hp Tricity due to their larger size and aggressive style.

The firm says that the name is “inspired by the two words ‘genesis’ and ‘generate’, that altogether expressed both in the original design of Yamaha of the 01 GEN and the new values which represents-. Now and forever ‘ Ok, going to Yamaha.

Yamaha 01 Gen Concept

With the only new TM-07 revisited and XJR1300 dusted and waiting for a revolutionary machine “that will change the habits of control” in Milan, Yamaha was not the star of Cologne manufacturer. So to still make the buzz, the firm three tuning forks presented a concept, 01 GEN.Yamaha 01 Gen Concept

In the words of the Japanese brand, this is a new prototype all-terrain “on & off cross-over” multi-axles. Visually, it is certainly in the presence of a futuristic concept, but that might just inspire the future – after the fashion of the three-wheeled scooter – a three-wheeled motorcycle capable of running on asphalt or paths. The design is very sleek and all shows that Yamaha, like others, is not afraid to print the trend of the future.


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