New Yamaha MT-07 2015 Motocage

Yamaha unveils the Cologne Fair a “stunter” of his bestseller MT-07 release. The menu items for the little Japanese roadster a real beast waterfall.

New Yamaha MT-07 2015 Motocage

With motocage version of the Yamaha MT-07, Yamaha intends to seduce an audience hungry for acrobatics in the air. With its protective reinforcement bars, the MT-07 is prepared for every stunts.

The Yamaha MT-07 is the best selling of the French market in 2014 with over 4,000 units sold in late August, ahead of its competitors! While we understand that Yamaha makes the maximum to keep the blown temperature, and has a first official version of its big roadster public Intermot show.

On the menu of this sparkling twin 700 cm3, a treatment way Dark Side of Japan, one that can attract bad boys and girls and stunters budding dark side without too much difficulty in the piggy bank, the first argument of the craft.

To do this, the brand was limited to a color-based and aggressive black and red graphics on the cabinet, frame and wheels, as well as a selection of custom accessories. Including shoe engine, frame guards and radiator, compact hand guards and mini wind deflector.

The Yamaha MT-07 motocage gains a flashy allure frankly, for a price not yet but we imagine contained a few hundred dollars more than the base model, starting him US$ 7225. The MT-07 motocage differs from the standard version by a skid plate, hand guards, radiator guards, an adjustable windscreen. The bright red color is used sparingly to enhance the impression of aggression. With these developments, the bar US$ 7565, should be taken

New Yamaha MT-07 2015 Motocage

Optionally, the manufacturer will offer an Akrapovic exhaust and other cosmetic accessories. The Yamaha MT-07 motocage be available in France in November 2014 and brought to center stage by the triple world champion stunt Rafal “Stunter13” Pasierbek, who will drive the beast on the occasion of various events and European competitions.

Note that the stunt Rafat Pasierbek  Stunter 13 has signed with Yamaha to officiate at major events.

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