Suzuki GSR 750 Gladius Boss Motorcycle 2015

Suzuki: Two black and yellow special series for mid-size roadster Suzuki GSR 750 Gladius Boss will be available in early October concession.

Suzuki GSR 750 Gladius Boss

Suzuki GSR 750 Gladius Boss 2015

Suzuki out of the shadows and this in turn for its range of new roadster. While the formalization of the GSR 1000 is still awaited, the Japanese manufacturer unveils the Boss series for ASES GSR 750 Gladius.

With a shiny black dress and black matte labeled with a yellow central stripe, these special editions are inspired by the colors of custom Suzuki M1800R. In addition to these new colors, Gladius and GSR also inherit new standard equipment such as dollies, the bar ends, protective pads, footrests and a specific medium modified plate.

Like bees, wasps, salamanders and New York taxis? After Intruder M1800R BOSS, Suzuki GSR 750 declines the Gladius and delivered in a BOSS yellow and black, embellished this time from a few well-chosen accessories.Suzuki GSR 750 Gladius Boss

Both bikes take over the two-tone livery picnic overlooking the monstrous cruiser Hamamatsu. Decorated in two shades of black glossy and matte, enhanced with a central band and various yellow details emblems, hoops rims. But unlike the Intruder which simply paint these two special editions add to the decor a slew of accessories.

The Gladius seen its endowment augmented with two pairs footrest aluminum ferrules specific handlebar pads for protection Suzuki of diabolos stand, a plate holder and an LED taillight and specific a superb Yoshimura Evo exhaust Gladius approved.

Substantially identical Staffing GSR ignores the special taillight (the original fire was already fully integrated) and adopts a Yoshimura R-11 exhaust, also approved and already seen on the different editions Special GSR.Suzuki GSR 750 Gladius Boss

Both versions BOSS, presented in the introduction of the 24 Hours of Le Mans motorcycle Suzuki which participates via SERT, will be available from the beginning of October. Showed on Friday Bugatti circuit during the 24 Hours of Le Mans Moto, both roadsters débouleront in network Suzuki dealerships in early October. Price aside, the Gladius Boss will be proposed at US$ 7697 and GSR 750 Boss to US$ 9750.

Here are some beautiful pictures Suzuki GSR 750 Gladius Boss 2015 are present in gallery bellow.

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