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Cezeta Type 506 2015 Scootre

Increasingly, those who dare to rescue the memory lane to classical models that were abolished several decades. The Czech Cezeta back at it again with Cezeta Type 506, a particular retro scooter in the purest Art Deco style design drinking the original Type 501 and 502 But in this case it is an electric scooter, which makes it to the forefront.

Cezeta Type 506 2015
2015 Cezeta Type 506

The particular design of the Type 506 Cezeta has changed little in that time. Permits a particularly low center gravity and greater peculiarity is its small trunk in the front as a Glover which also includes a roof rack. Of course it is a model that does not go unnoticed.

Modular Power Cezeta T

Cezeta has not specified the characteristics of the electric motor, although you can modify its power delivery through a computer application. The idea is that it can be switched between the power of a motorcycle and a scooter 125cc depending on requirements. Is associated with a lithium-ion battery capacity of 5 kWh, with a range between 75 and 85 km is achieved. If the optional regenerative braking equip autonomy can be stretched up to 100 kilometers. A positive point is that carries an adapter cable that can be attached to multiple types of plugs, recharge time being around 4 hours.

Cezeta Type 506 2015

Another positive point Cezeta Type 506 is the generous leather dual seat and wide surface to accommodate the feet of both the pilot and passenger. Kingdom to disc brakes on both axles and the absence of a stable and easy marches scooter driving for all ages is obtained.

Cezeta Type 506 2015

Although it is not for all audiences is its price, as calculated in the brand access to 9,000 euros because it has many items handmade. A Vespa 946 price …


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