Tacita M T-Race 2015 the World Motorcycles

Tacita Italian is one of the brands of electric bikes has so far produced more advanced models 100% electric market. Now they want to build on that experience with the arrival of Tacita M 2015 T-Race, a variant with a Supermotard racing chassis for affluent pockets. So much so that it will present at first in Dubai.Tacita M T-Race 2015 the World Motorcycles

Tacita M 2015 T-Race

The model reflects the same characteristics as the T-Race Tacita many versions of motocross and enduro, only adapted to the practice of courts Supermotard on twisty asphalt and pack with more powerful engine of the brand. So, Pirelli presents Supermoto tires with 17-inch aluminum on both axles, Öhlins TTX fork a striking fully adjustable Öhlins monoamortiguadore and disc brake calipers and Brembo 320 mm on the front axle.Tacita M T-Race 2015 the World Motorcycles

This coupled with a modern design with carbon fiber fairing, original twin headlight on the front and homologation for road enjoy complete a work worthy of the best. Without knowing a technique complete the look is unbeatable but certainly at a prohibitive price.Tacita M T-Race 2015 the World Motorcycles

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