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FSBK Nagaro The Grand Finale on this Weekend

Paul Armagnac circuit of Nogaro host 12 to 14 September the final Championship Superbike France. If Supersport champions and Moto3 known since last week, the securities are to be awarded in other categories.FSBK Nagaro The Grand Finale on this Weekend

Court-ordered liquidation of the Association of the Management Committee of the Circuit d’Albi, on July 16, forcing the FFM to find an alternative solution for the final Championship Superbike France. ASM Armagnac Bigorre has accepted the challenge of organizing the final of FSBK 2014 just two months.

The last round of the 2014 calendar will take place this weekend at the Circuit of Nogaro. From a sporting point of view, the test of Carole weekend last allowed to consecrate the Supersport and Moto3 Junior champions. For all other categories, the securities remain outstanding. Here is one last point before the curtain fell.

Superbike: Leblanc 4-point title

Missing 4 points Grégory Leblanc (Kawasaki) to be crowned. In April, he had dominated the competition and it’s hard to imagine that the title could escape. However he will need to pay attention to the will of everyone to do well for this final FSBK 2014.

Among the contenders for victory are Sébastien Gimbert (Honda), Etienne Masson (Suzuki), David Muscat (Ducati), Axel Maurin (Kawasaki), Nicolas Salchaud (Kawasaki) and Gregg Black (Suzuki), one can still hope to tamp Gimbert the pawn Leblanc. Salchaud and Black are the latest in the running for the title in stock and will have to decide after this weekend Gers.

Supersport: Mahias for a double honor

Lucas Mahias (Yamaha) is titled after a dominating season possible, where he made ​​no mistake. The driver from Mont de Marsan will be keen to finish the season as it began: with a double! Louis Bulle (Yamaha), Valentin Debise (Honda), Robin Camus (Suzuki) will of course everything to make him a win and emerge as his heir. In Stock, Hugo Clere (Yamaha) has to manage his race while Morgan Berchet (Yamaha) will look to pocket more victories to try to catch up taken from the first test.FSBK Nagaro The Grand Finale on this Weekend

Moto3: Castillon Gioanni vice champion 2014?

Hugo Casadessus happen in the Gers without pressure because he is the new champion of France Moto3. He’ll want to finish off by standing on the top step of the podium.

Renald Gioanni Castillon is best suited for the runner-up but it does not make mistakes against the young Maximilian Bau accusing 18 points behind.

The latter will be an additional pressure as it is level on points with Loïc Arbel under the Challenge of the Future FFM. A big weekend ahead for these young drivers.

Pirelli 600: Antiga want to shine at home

William Antiga (Kawasaki) had shown in April at home. Since then he has never stopped fighting the forefront. Alex Rodrigues (Yamaha) is the overall leader, but with only 4 points ahead of the Cannes driver has no choice: he must finish ahead of its competitor.

We remember that in April, Rémi Salles (Suzuki) – another local driver – and Alan Agogue (Yamaha) had lively shopping. Accompanied by Kevin Jacob (Yamaha), it is sure that it will rely on them to get on the podium.

Exceptionally, in order to cope with the limited hours of the event constraints, drivers Pirelli 600 trophy will ride along with the FSS drivers. Obviously separate rankings will be made after each session.

Sidecar: Delannoy/Rousseau vs Brunazzi/Rigondeau

The crew Delannoy/Rousseau no longer an opponent across the road to the title Brunazzi/Rigondeau. Very consistent this year, the High Savoyards have to rely on a twist of fate to do better than the vice champion title to them already allocated a minimum.

The Lease/Arifon continue their collaboration that resulted in some very impressive by Carole lap (at the absolute best time 0.3s) and are expected to join in the fight for the podium.

In F2, Guignard/Poux took a narrow lead (12.5 points) on Cleric/Terrier. If nothing is done, the leaders have only to finish behind their opponents to win the title.

FSBK 2014 final at Nogaro: Practice

The rates for this final FSBK 2014 Nogaro is 25 € on weekends for general admission (20 € for the ladies). Admission Sunday only 20 € (15 € for the ladies) and free every weekend for 12 years. Information from the circuit-www.circuit


• Saturday 9.00-12.00: timed practice

• 14h00-18h00 Saturday: shopping

• Sunday 9h00-11h30: warm up and timed practice sections brands

• Sunday 11h30-18h00: Final (lunch break between 12:00 and 14:00)

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