Kawasaki KX 250 F2015  Test as A Play Bike

Here we are on the side of Verneuil-sur-Avre 27 with Kawasaki France team for testing KX-F 2015 Today is the 250 4-stroke KX250F opening the ball. A motorcycle Cross akin to a very effective toy! Let here explanationsKawasaki KX 250 F  Test as A Play Bike

It is on the legendary circuit of Verneuil-sur-Avre where some pages of international Motocross have written that we join Kawasaki France. Ten KX-F 2015 is reaching for a life-size test run: no planning, taxi is free. As you say we took the opportunity to take arms hurt but especially to dissect the green cross … We kindly begins with the Kawasaki KXF 250.

Kawasaki KXF 250Racing Green

As often with the KX-F, we are not disappointed at first sight … Like many of its competitors, the Kawasaki display a level of finish out of reproach, but the green cross was probably the advantage of the racier Japanese. The little touches here and there make the difference, the green anodized parts oil cap, adjustable fork  flatter the eye.
But Kawa has not cared that look, since found a front brake disc floating oversize a motor flange or the launch control on the handlebar. And this year, the KX-F 250 borrows technical solutions to its big brother the 450, it is now possible to adjust the handlebars on four positions (more or less advanced) and the height of the foot rests on two Kawasaki KX 250 F2015  Test as A Play BikeA helping boot and KX-F hums … As often with Kawasaki, the discretion is not really at the rendezvous. The blows gas into space suggests a mono cracking furiously! So do not expect to release more cavalry in the field.

Kawasaki KXF 250 On Vivacity to Top

Without having to touch the available settings, ergonomics is not asking for special adaptation. However, it was the feeling of riding on a smaller and more compact than normal bike, and it feels almost bigger! Besides, I feel I fit the 48 so the switch seems to me close to the footrest … A detail to some, but it disturbs me personally. At least early in the day.
Track KX 250F shows an impressive liveliness to turn into a handkerchief. Stalled in the ruts, do not hesitate to set the angle (and gas …) with the Green. We can afford to track changes improvised, can overlap … a real toy! Small downside, the front sometimes lacks precision. Probably prior to the Kawasaki a formidable weapon it lacks a bit of grip to the wheel. Kawasaki KX 250 F2015  Test as A Play Bike
Let’s talk about the Showa SFF, which has been much more convincing than in the past. Comfortable and progressive, perhaps a soft bristled for pilots starting to wholesale gas, it does not suffer from unhealthy reaction. For me, there are only a few receptions optimistic that the fork was bottoming.
The shock made ​​the job without particular concern despite often detrimental to adhesion stony surface. Front and rear is pretty good given the KX-F is a stable healthy motorcycle, and very fun!Kawasaki KX 250 F2015  Test as A Play Bike race hard drive

Kawasaki KXF 250 Respondent Low and Midrange

We go to the motor with a first rather angry sound impression is confirmed on track. The KX-F 250 only has the explosiveness that made its reputation a few years ago, but it is far from bland!
The mono Kawasaki highlights an interesting strength, agreeing to start very low. A slow turn followed by a jump in output will appreciate the trunk of the 250: the low and midrange are solid and eliminates the need of the clutch quite often.
It would work almost like a little 450, the 250, except that it must still stay on the right to maintain a minimum ratio of efficiency. If the roundness of the engine allows handling and management of the net easy gas, 250 KX-F does not mind either when he comes in! She knows how to be fun and we do not hide our pleasure to panic valves to blow clutch.Kawasaki KX 250 F2015  Test as A Play BikeBut be careful, it will play selector and upshift fast enough. The Kawa climbs into the towers but after a certain speed, power no longer goes to the ground as effectively, the motorcycle before losing in performance switch. The choice between the three plugs – Standard, Soft and Hard – should provide a partial solution to this weakness.

Appraisal: Proved A Toy for Big Kids

In 2015, we will find the Kawasaki KX250F we know. The fun is waiting for you, getting started is easy with a compact frame and a linear and affordable engine that can meet the demands. You want to play to his handlebars!
If the fork is clearly improved in many ways, it still lacks a little something to optimize the front, but it’s still very close to the truth as for the engine, a little more consistency in the rise in regime would be welcome, nothing more.
The side of the price, it remains stable since the Kawasaki KX250F 2015 displays a list price of US$ 10330, like last year. Good news for laid they can benefit from the tariff Team Green or US$ 9663.


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