Yamaha MT-09X Adventure Tourism Coming Soon?

We are struck by the lively 847cc triple in the Yamaha FZ – 09 street fighter. They also know that we like the Yamaha Super Ténéré ADV. The problem is that, for many potential customers, the Super T and its engine 1200cc are a little too big and heavy for off-road situations.Yamaha MT-09X Adventure Tourism

Here’s a possible solution, as seen in the photo-illustration above provided by our friends at the magazine young machines to the Japan. We’ll call it MT – 09 X, and this bike seems to be just what we need – a Yamaha machine ADV that can engulf many miles on the road while being lighter and easier to manage in the dirt. And while this illustration shows the bike equipped with wheels and tires asphalt in a vein more Ducati Multistrada, that is to say that Yamaha will not intervene and adapt to the MT-09 Tenere with spikes DOT on a good setup 18/21? A large number of customers could be covered by a pair of models of this kind.

What do you think: do you want to see Yamaha to build a MT – 09 X, or at least a very similar machine? We would. A Yamaha ADV which is much lighter that the current Super Ténéré would make a great addition to the range powered by triple or maybe even the parallel 689cc FZ-07 double FZ-09. We do not get the XT660 Ténéré in the United States, so we strongly suspect that this new Yamaha MT – 09 X would be great success on our soil.Yamaha MT-09X Adventure Tourism

All right? However Persistent rumors circulating to the effect that a new version of adventure tourism MT 09/09 FZ be presented this fall by Yamaha. The FJ-09 name was also filed by Yamaha in the America suggestive of the looming onset of a touring version of the popular three cylinders the first draft of beats sales records in several markets.

Source: Moto News


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