David Beckham Hurt his Super Vintage 93 ‘Knuckle motorcycle

The football legend was fortunately unharmed in the accident after he lost control of his Super Vintage 93 ‘Knuckle motorcycle.David Beckham Hurt his Super Vintage 93 'Knuckle motorcycle

The thought of David Beckham suffers violence in anyway makes us sweat for the concern. So we are relieved to hear the football legend not hurt when he fell off his motorcycle on Sunset Boulevard, after leaving the famous Shamrock in West Hollywood Tattoo Studio on Thursday.

Becks was to apparently take a tumble after ‘losing control’ of the bike a Super Vintage 93 ‘ Knuckle made to measure – which certainly delayed him a few pounds.

Witnesses say that the reason for 39 years of age, hottie took of this spill was due to that he was annoying to pass up the paparazzi. Fortunately, he walked away from the accident uninjured. Oh thank God! Would have liked to see something terrible will happen to that beautiful body!

Once he left the bike, Becks had to leave it on the road before calling more than one couple of friend’s from the shop of tattoos that help push back to the store. We cannot imagine that he was very happy.David Beckham Hurt his Super Vintage 93 'Knuckle motorcycle

We surprise if David Beckham added to his already extensive collection of tattoos? Why is not pulled down to his underwear and see if we are aware of everything new!

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