Harley-Davidson Launching its Latest 2015

In the momentum of the project Rushmore, the launch of the 750 model and presentation of the project “electrical” Live wire Street, Harley-Davidson continues to surprise with the presentation of its range of models and special Glide path, sliding the street special, Limited Ultra Low 2015, CVO slip from the street and the road CVO Ultra Glide; not to mention the new braking system for Softail models.Road Glide Sturgis Ride 2015

“” The range of Harley-Davidson in 2015 demonstrates our commitment to continue to amaze our customers and provide exceptional products that fully meet their expressed wishes “, said Matt Levatich, President and Director of operations of Harley Davidson Motor Company. We are merging with cyclists from all over the world and we strive to offer models that expect from Harley-Davidson.”

 Road Glide special

The Road Glide special combines the advantages with its ventilated fairing mounted on the frame that greatly reduces the turbulence felt in the head, dual lighting LED Reflector Day maker your Infotainment device Boom! Box, your new suspension and brakes Reflex System interconnected advantage of ABS.Road Glide Sturgis Ride 2015

 The Harley-Davidson Special Street Glide

Is the new Harley-Davidson special Street glide the famous version more equipped Touring that takes advantage of the benefits of a high performance TwinCam 103, a system of information and entertainment Boom engine! 6.5GT, a fairing box incorporates a Split stream bat-wing of ventilation, a double light halogen, wheels aluminum and Enforcer Reflex interconnected with ABS brakes.Road Glide Sturgis Ride 2015

 New Brake System for Softail Harley-Davidson Models

A new device dedicated to models Softail brakes allows you to enjoy more progressive and responsiveness, and reducing by 40% the effort to produce the optimal braking lever. ABS is available standard on all Softail models and optional on the Slim model. The new braking front consists of a gauge of four 34 mm pistons and 32 designed to minimize the initial displacement, the platelets that have a friction material of high performance, a master cylinder and new brake disks more efficient 300 mm. Caliper and master cylinder has been redesigned to fit perfectly with each model line.Road Glide Sturgis Ride 2015

 Harley-Davidson Ultra Low Limited

Harley-Davidson is committed to fully meet the needs of the market with these new high-end model important ergonomic adjustments, because a lower seat height, which was developed to fit the characteristics of the Rushmore project and the classic Harley-Davidson.Road Glide Sturgis Ride 2015

 CVO Street glide Harley-Davidson

Benefiting from a new system of audio Boom! With 600watts of power is expressed through four speakers front and rear 3-way biamped, offered Edition limited Bagger is a scene of the concert offered an impressive volume and incredible sound quality roll. All enhanced by a painting in flames and four options proposed exclusive colors.Road Glide Sturgis Ride 2015

 Harley-Davidson CVO Ultra Glide Road

Brimming with chrome and color, this model exclusive Touring offers exceptional aerodynamic performance, luxury and performance of Scream in’ unforgiving motor tourism facilities ‘ refrigerated-Twin Eagle TwinCam 110.Road Glide Sturgis Ride 2015

Throughout their range by 2015, Harley-Davidson renews offers styles with eight new colors, including radioactive green and black magic, and new variations Hard Candy Custom flakes incorporating metal, Cancun blue Flake Flake and Quicksilver.

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